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  1. Steam, and a verification didn't solve the issue but did flag a corrupt file warning; even after clearing the install directory and download cache then reinstalling it still flagged a corruption. I ended up having to completely reinstall the game in another Steam library, but that downloaded the correct SGStungray.lua. Thanks Jason!
  2. When encountering a Stink Ray on Linux the client crashes with the following error screen: This is due to a misnamed SGstungray.lua, renaming "dont_starve/data/DLC0002/scripts/stategraphs/SGstungray.lua" to "SGStungray.lua" (Note the "s" changing to upper-case) fixes the issue. I first reported on this issue in February 2016 and upon playing the game again today I can confirm it's still an active bug in the live Linux version. And honestly it's a trivial bug to fix that makes the Linux version unplayable for any meaningful length of time.
  3. Thanks! It turns out it's the case issue: If you rename 'SGStungrey.lua' in "/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/DLC0002/scripts/stategraphs" to 'SGstungrey.lua', that fixes this.
  4. Looking at the file in question it's downloaded correctly; it could be a case issue: The file is titled "SGStungrey.lua" instead of "SGstungrey.lua" Equally It looks like a line calls "scripts\stategraphs/SGstungrey.lua" and "scriptlibs\stategraphs/SGstungrey.lua", using the Windows navigation convention '\' instead of the Unix convention '/' I don't know how the engine handles strict case or filesystem navigation, whether either of these is normal.
  5. Game soft-crashed with the error "scripts/entityscript.lua:20: module 'stategraphs/SGstungrey' not found", detailed in the attached screenshot; using Rev. 165276 LINUX_STEAM. I assume there's a file missing from the Linux game repository?