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  1. @Frashaw27 Are you angy somehow? It seems like when you are reading this post, you did not see the most of it and just get upset to these ideas. I dont know why have you taken seriously so much that as if ı will destroy or messing the game somehow. Ofcourse you can disagree with my ideas, but you can also can express your disagreement in a better manner dude. I have just wanted to ask couple of questions and take your ideas too. I also underline many times that these are not wishes, demands but just dreams. I only find your reaction as offensive. In the leak picture when wendy was gonna rework, many people thought that the house is coming. These are only themes, I haven't said that let's add the dlc to the game. I did not want a city from Hamlet. I did not want anything from the Forge or mentioned it in the way you understood. Rather than walking over the sea with Woodie, the idea of the simple bot that shrunk and do not travel into the deep see was a simple. I did not even know ıt requires a different server. I have already said at the beginning adding dlc causes troubles. Thank you for your ideas anyway dude. It supposed to be two different topic, one to thank klei and one to who do you play with, what you would like to see either even just as a dream. I thought if ı especially express my gratitude and say thank you in the beginning, it would make my post more conversational, open to conversations. This was my motive behind it. This was my first post, so pardon for the heading dude, ı did not open it as feedback because ı was curious about your ideas, dreams and have a conversation. That is why I put it on the general discussion. Thanks again. Thanks @phobs I assume the heading cause misunderstandings. Thanks @ArubaroBeefalo I have not said anything related to the Forge might be good. There is no content or mechanics that worth insipring or think about it, it is just fighting and fighting. It would be really nice to see a new tree. Sugar tree looks also cute in fact. Unexpected thing makes the game more enjoyable ( contains both danger and rewards) and the feeling after you get the stuff is nice. Not being safe is also the same. It might be added to the waterlogged update. We have a new biome anyway. It could be exiting to see squirrels or scorpions sort of things coming in front of us with the risks , ıt might be good as well. I dont know many people but I would be really excited just for to see the coffee, so... Thanks you for sharing your thoughts... Thank you for sharing with me. @Mike23Ua I thought the same think about the light when ı was writing this, but it would be also silly to constantly make sure the fires stays at home during night so ı came up with the infinite light source. However it should be really tough to get it. Before managing to get it, lamp coming from the Toadstoll might be do the trick. It seems suitable to see&xperience the effect of the weather in the sea, I hope this would be added to the game. Tornado really looks awesome. Infinite jack o lantern? Sorry, but it was not mine type of gift. But ı of course want some new skins, By the way I admire almost every illustration, drawing but the only one ı dislike is i suppose glass cutter skin. Why is not something cool like a dark sword and just a hand-saw, in the war between the darkness and the light. Maybe we are likely to see it after Terraria crossover. Happy Halloween! @Redhead No worries red, your comment is beautifully written and the game really establishes that connection with us. I really wanted to the take the luxary stuff (from a hard and long way) because after spending a long time you know there is nothing much to do and we are only stacking items to the chests.
  2. Hello everyone, I am a player who follow the game since its early access. I first encountered with the Shank by Klei, then I have met Don’t Starve. The game has brought extraordinary experiences to my life, so I feel unbreakable bond with it. I won’t be talking about how much great the game is, its mechanics or its mysterious unfinished story. Today I would like to thanks the Klei Team and to everyone who put their labor into the game that special for me and to my loved ones since 2014, both for creating such a wonderful game but also for continuing to contribute it. Amid the Covid Pandemic that affect the whole world, I wish healthy days both for Klei workers and everyone who may read this post. Since I started the game, I feel close connection to Wolfgang so I play with Wolfgang all the time. All these year I keep my silence about why he left in the dark and he did not receive any update. No, today I am not going to talk about Wolfgang because I know Klei improved itself so much that I know for sure the next character update on Wolfgang will be extraordinary. The reason I write here to share my dream contents& ideas about the game that may also make you happy when we see in the game and take feedback from you also. People constantly want and ask for the new things, and while they were too impatient to consume what was produced, they do not get satisfied with. The ideas that I am going to share with you are not arrogant wishes but the things that we might all say’’ it would be cool to see in the game’’ sort of things. I hope you all read this post as if we are chatting together, like I had with my loved ones and came up with these ideas/dreams. I wish that game developers share and listen to our dreams. And Dear @JoeW, I hope you read it too. If you also would like to tell your story about how you have met with the game and share who do you try to survive with (your partner, family, companion), I would be more than happy. I must say the dlc contents of the Don’t Starve when it is compared to Together have more variety and some of the mechanics in Don’t Starve are lovely. I guess if possible, we would have already seen them in Together too, because they may also bring some problems. When I think even the ideas that I am about to give can create problems too. However, I do not know whether Klei can find solution. I think they can fix them. Frankly, I admire the boats in the Shipwrecked as contents. It does not mean that I dislike the ones in Together but I do not love them either. They are greats as concept but it turns into torture for someone like me. It could be much more enjoyable. And the idea of wondering around in different-separate boats? I think this could be awesome but there is a problem that material cost in the production of the boats causes problem. Maybe just for a small trip, I really would like to make a small wooden raft ( just made of woods) or I really want to make non-circle better shaped ship. Gorge was so great… How ever it is better when something stays in the past. What I mean is to experience it and not to get updated, but not that it is not completely accessible. Especially, if Klei had continued to create contents for the Forge/Gorge, I thought it would become an obstacle for them to make their dreams come true due to the incredible work load it may create. Afterall it requires many drawings/illustrations, animation and so on. Some things were beautiful and maybe they should stay the way they are. But why wont we use mechanics and drawings? :’) It was just an event. In the game, it would be great to to make bread, new recipes or using an average shield rather than the log suit one, and several poisonous mobs would be great. It would not hurt to add some of the contents from to Dlc into the Together. I assume it is something everyone would have expected? Home/Houses Hamlet was extraordinary! I think trading system and making houses are everyone’s dream in Together. I see it as a mechanic that will take the game to the top. Dear Klei, could not you make it a priority? :’( Dear @JoeW or it will never going to come so that should I forget? "HRF! OUR HOMES DESTROYED" "HRF! WE NEED FIX HOUSES" Even it would not something that we can decorate much as in the Hamlet, it would be nice to have a house kit that we can go inside and make rooms. For that Pipto seems as the most appropriate. After taking the kit, with 20 Boards and 20 Cut Stone to make a one-room house could be great. We can also develop each room of the house, or to add rooms by using kits. There is a lamp gives infinite light in the Archive Rooms, and by giving Dust Moth special foods, taking recipes for lamp add a light source to home or change their skins could be cool. In contrast to Hamlet,for each decoration item spending resources could add a new dynamic to the game as different from hamlet where you can put items directly after buying them. Kits may be acquired through coins after getting them in the exchange of trading some stuff and special boss items. With this idea, I think rather than make collections of the special boss items in the chests after a while , they can have an active usage. Because the first stage is to survive, A character that surviving for a loooong time and challenging the time: Elder Pig. The sentences Elder Pig says while he fell asleep can add value and color to the game when we just about the ready to trade. I think mechanics like random sleep cycle and encountering unexpected dynamics within the game can offer a special game experience for the many. While you are about the take something, the trade screen is closed! Elder Pig starts to fall asleep and say stuff. It is cutier option than a trade cycle of Pig King! We can take home items, or for better armory and shield we can take the forge kit and with Pipto house kits. So where can we find these friends of ours? In an island! Like the Hermit Island. The time stuffs in the Gorge may be suitable concept for the island. Broken pieces, wracks….If the island could change its location due to the time fraction periodically it would be cool but I suppose it is an impossible and a challenging idea. Well, What if when Wanda comes to the island, she ages? Maybe she can lose health but her sanity increases, due to witnessing everything during the time fraction, maybe the other characters can lose sanity or different impressive things could happen to.. If you share your thoughts/ideas regarding this, I would be happy to hear them. It could be cool to if different things happens during the Full Moon in the island. I guess we are done with the Pipto. So, in a warm house with a chimney, we need an oven that we can put inside the home! For pastries, desserts, soups and more. Before the Bearger arrives, it would be terrific to throw a grill party. I guess new tree type/s could be the thing we want the most, but what I want most to see coffee in the game! And the new food recipes, would not they be cool too? Fishing trap used in the lake for the lazy ones? What if flour? I suppose it is the best! And Here Sammy comes! Our friend that gives us their ingredient for the delicious recipes including flour such as delicious desserts and treats, soups that warms our souls in the winter… Our friend Sammy, the one that we can purchase/take seeds and make more kitchen kits, gives us the wonderful tool that we can make watering system in the garden! In order to build these kits, we will need iron so that we will also need to Elder Pig. Thus, interaction between the two will be established. Every character seems very fit within this island and the game. It is exhilarating to encounter with random things in the game and frankly in Together this is quite few. So it could be nice to encounter with poisonous dangers and getting poisons from our fellow long-last survivor friend Elder Pig before its sleep time. What do you think about all? Do you have any ideas/wishes or dreams that you say it would be great if it exists in the game? I would be happy if you share also. I thank you everyone for patiently reading my dreams. We love you Klei and with my endless gratitude for everything you made it happen... and Happy Halloween everyone!
  3. Hi! No, not yet. Maybe 22 or couple day.. I dont know. The only thing you know: that will be coming with Hallowed Nights.