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  1. I honestly have not experienced these problems. I am alarmed at the realization that my oxygen is probably the reason my base has been slowly warming. There are machines and wheezeworts to dissipate heat though, at least.
  2. I would like this too, but only if better tools are put into the game, for dealing with polluted oxygen. Right now, only the air deorderize gets rid of polluted oxygen. Another option is one of the rather convoluted filtration systems that will not appeal to moderate or casual players, that are a little exploity, and require micromanagement to avoid consequences. I also don't think many people would think of this on their own, for obvious reasons.
  3. Weird, I find my steam geyser isn't producing enough water to meet my needs, and am tunneling down to another one that I've found. It did take a long time for the water to slowly decline, but it did. I do notice there's a lot of steam now though, so probably the increasing temperature is causing the water to turn into steam. Additionally, it's slowly heating up my base, so I've gone and found ice plants, named wheezeworts. They look like giant ice cubes and make an annoying wheezing sound, and they're in ice biomes. They literally eat heat, so I'm hoping they solve the problem. Also, it sounds like the geyser is mixing in clean water, with polluted water, which you are trying to pump somewhere? I think you should work on separating the geyser from this polluted water, if you don't want that water to mix. Because it will keep making the water and steam forever. Geyser's do a lot in making a colony sustainable, but I can easily see how mis-handling a geyser could make it endlessly annoying.
  4. I think you put this in the wrong section. While it doesn't invalidate your suggestion, if you want this now, there are several mods for thirst. They make the game very frustrating, for me personally. It's just too much on an already fairly difficult game. I imagine that's one of the reasons they choose not to put in thirst. If you want to experience it, go and download a thirst mod in the steam workshop.
  5. Actually came into this forum topic to post this exact idea! I think the idea of zoning would be super useful, in regards to what water source the dups use. Currently they waste a lot of time powering machines with their tears. Also, actually a good idea. Probably better than zoning tbh, it combines the best of both worlds.