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  1. Badge Mistake

    When badges are handed out, do you have to hand them out individually, checking each and every profile to see if they left posts that would qualify them for the badge, or is there a system that does it for you?
  2. Flotsam doesn't spawn

    I'll throw in my two cents and observations. Flotsam seems to stop spawning around the first 10 days the world has been spawned in or when the structure that has Wolly on it has been discovered and abandoned. While this might not sound annoying, this makes it so that if you have the Shipwrecked DLC and wish to connect to it while you're in an RoG world, you'll either have to fish up the Flotsam as soon you find it or destroy that structure Wolly resides on. I consider it annoying since I'd like to keep the structure and move it elsewhere.
  3. I suppose I should make a comeback and become more invested into Don't Starve, as it seems to be making a strong return. The Hamlet DLC also looks interesting. It seems to force the player into using currency and to adapt into contributing towards the newly discovered Pigman society. Just like real life, it's time to get a 9-to-5 job.

    Along with new content for Shipwrecked, I hope it comes with a bevy of bug fixes and balancing revamps.

    Just as a quick aside, wouldn't it be great if we could visit all 3 worlds in Don't Starve and travel between them freely? I assume that, at the moment, you can only do combinations of Vanilla worlds and Shipwrecked, RoG and Shipwrecked, and Hamlet and Shipwrecked. I also hope that along with the new content update, we can craft items that used to be exclusive to one DLC and make them freely in another DLC i.e. being able to create an Antidote or other Shipwrecked items in RoG if you have the Shipwrecked DLC and both worlds are connected. Only time will tell, though.

    When the 'The Forge' content drops, anyone interested in creating a party? Sounds like the entire party benefits and profits if they work together. Plus, the new DST content seems to be a mix between top-down MOBAs and Mann vs. Machine from TF2 (Due to the characters using what seems to be skills and abilities that they could only use if they're in a certain mode of play).

    It seems like a great time to be a Don't Starve fan.

    1. minespatch


      Just earlier today @Donke60 made a essay status. Interesting contrast from his essay.

      I never left the fandom, just had to be patient.:wilson_ecstatic:

  4. I'm fairly sure a thread like this has been done before. No problems with me, though. It was probably archived.
  5. Meet Winona!

    Winona stole WIlson's middle hair spike from his GoH Elegant. I shall never forgive her for this crime.
  6. So, @ImDaMisterL, do you think JoeW needs more moderators? I'd be happy to give the position a shot if needed.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Weirdobob


      Trust me, I speak from experience. Last time I asked to be a moderator JoeW killed me.

    3. ImDaMisterL


      Did you die???

    4. Weirdobob



  7. price sheet development

    @ImDaMisterL, should this be in General Discussion?
  8. @ImDaMisterL, move this.
  9. @ImDaMisterL, I'll trade you my plate of pancakes for your plate of waffles if you can move this. Syrup included.
  10. @JohnWatson, you yourself made this mod. Why not advertise it? @The Curator, give this a look.
  11. Thinking of a private DST server

    @SkyCommision, did the server ever go up?
  12. Rumor has it that if you're able to get a strand of JoeW's mustache, you can use it to make a wish.

    My wish would be, "I wish JoeW actually had a real mustache."

    1. minespatch


      He doesn't?:wilson_shocked:

    2. ImDaMisterL


      It's an alien, not a real mustache.

    3. Donke60


      I would like to meet the Dev team

      finding companiship would be a close second 
      though a moment with Nome must not be wasted!

  13. Whats going on ?

    We aren't asking for a constant string of updates that introduce new things into the game constantly. As contradictory as this may sound from the last post I made on that other thread, I'd also be fine with a roadmap or something from a dev that explains what they might have in store for players in the future. Not just, "Yep, we're working on it. Can't tell you guys anything yet." And yes, I am aware that we recently received the 'A New Reign' series of updates, but the team went mostly silent after it was released. If a dev had said something along the lines of, "Well, we hope you enjoy the new update! We have some other projects at the moment, but once we properly finish and release our other games in development, we'll be sure to let you know what's in the future for DST/ ONI/ Griftlands etc. etc..." I get it, if something can't be implemented properly and it was a feature that was promised/announced, members of the community will be upset and betrayed. But I still appreciate the level of communication that we have now. At least it isn't what players have to put up with with TF2, where Valve keeps their updates developing in secrecy and then announce it a week before it's released, while not really telling what the update brings specifically to the game. It's a fragile balance, promising something and announcing new updates. I get it. The dev team is only human.
  14. Who is Wendella? Is it a character idea that you came up with? The name of the character whose name was discovered in an update and quickly removed in a patch was called 'Winona'. Strangely enough, it was a thread that you yourself made. Although, if I'm wrong, please provide evidence to show that a character by the name of Wendella quickly had their lines removed from the game or that there was something else to prove that the concept of such a character was in either DS or DST's files.