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  1. It's weird though. Without shoes, he looks like Maxwell's GoH before he got the Winklepickers to complete the set. I think that if Wilson is wearing the lab coat, he should have his legs look similar to the legs used in his default outfit.
  2. Back in May, I made a thread about Wilson's scientist set having no shoes. Since Hallowed Eve is nearly upon us, could he get some shoes before the event comes?
  3. Forgive me minespatch, for I have sinned...

    The second character I got to Elite Smash were Banjo and Kazooie, not the Hero. Forgive me.

    1. minespatch



      Everything's allllll goooooood maaaaaan.

    2. GetNerfedOn


      hOeS MaD

  4. Wendy has a canon age

    That no one understands? Wilson, Wicker, and Webber always giving her commands?
  5. I wanted to throw in my suggestions as well. I think @ShadowDuelist got some really good suggestions posted and I wanted to add on to that. The Combat Form (Because that forum Easter Egg makes it difficult to state it differently from his actual Goose form) might also benefit from a slow health regeneration. Since the Goose form could be used to scout, heal and run away, then maybe have the Combat Form's healing be less effective than the Goose form. Also, yes, please have the meter refill when you're engaged in combat. I wish that eating logs was still an option when you're in Werebeaver form. I'm still undecided on whether or not not being harassed by Treeguards while in Werebeaver mode is a fair trade off for not being able to refill the meter by eating logs. It feels like you could still do better by just being Woodie and chopping without having to transform. Goose form is kind of a joke at the moment. You run around for a bit before just transforming back. Buff its duration time and maybe sightly increase its speed in addition to what ShadowDuelist suggested.
  6. You're going to love this. This is my first state. This is my first form, the Werebeaver. And this is known as a Werebeaver that has surpassed the Werebeaver form. And to go...EVEN FURTHER BEYOND! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
  7. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, I finally got one character into Elite Smash. It wasn't the Hero, but it was none other than King Dedede himself.

    I'm am now considered certified Dededisguting with him as a main.

    1. minespatch



    2. TheKingDedede


      Don't worry, the Hero (Specifically Eight in my book) is next. I just need to get good with him though.

  8. Let's just focus on the idea of the Moon Glass Pitchfork. How is digging up so much turf in so little time considered overpowered? There's no way that being able to work on designing a base or relocating turf with such a good sounding tool sounds broken in the slightest. Can you explain what makes such an idea busted? If anything, by the time you can get the pitchfork, designing a nice base is the least of your concerns by that point.
  9. I'm sorry, are you referring to his ability to use the lighter, him not being able to eat cooked ingredients on their own, or something else?
  10. We have to wait just a little bit longer...

    1. minespatch


      Golden Oldies and Puff puff should've been a taunt. Imagine older nintendo characters like Cranky Kong and Gruntilda crushing your enemies.:wilson_ecstatic:


  11. This balance proposal sounds good on paper, but would most likely be bad in execution due to the fact that most of the characters do not have a perk that would reasonably counter this downside, along with some other factors that spring to mind. The reason Warly is saddled with such a downside is because his skill set that revolves around cooking justifies it, and the stuff he brings to the table as a character are fantastic which compliment the downside. It makes playing him really worth it and fun. He has fantastic synergies with the other characters and the buffs that he can give through his seasonings are great. He can cook dishes faster, which also (For lack of a better term) compliments having a 33% faster hunger rate and being a picky eater. If we applied the same downside to a character like Wilson, what does he give in return as a character to the rest of the team? His beard can be shaved off every once in a while and if he doesn't shave during Summer, he heats up faster? He doesn't have any outstanding perks to justify giving him the downside of being able to eat only dishes made from Crock Pots, and even if he did, then it would be best to give him a perk and a suitable downside that fits the perk. Going off of characters that were reworked, Winona gets faster when she's at work, but she can build catapults and spotlights. Willow has fire immunity and a cool bear, but she now hates the cold even more and the bear requires going insane to use its most powerful form. Wormwood has a strange smorgasbord of perks and downsides, but being able to plant seeds pretty much wherever kind of justifies this. Kind of. There are characters like Wes and Woodie that stand out as anomalies in this way of thinking, but I'd argue seeing what their reworks bring for them before we can analyze them and what they can bring to the table. I also imagine that this would make the game turn into some sort of Crock Pot rushing nightmare. Imagine players running in every direction quickly trying to find the materials to build Crock Pots, and if they're unable to do so, they'll just continuously pester the person (Or people) who picked Warly because he can cook food right off the bat. It would just devolve into this mad rush to constantly get ingredients that nobody could eat on their own and cooking them while justifying having more than one instance of Warly. Hypothetically, it would just slow everything down to a tedium early on and would just be annoying when everyone gets their bearings later on. If a character is to receive a downside, let's instead think what they would receive or give back to the team, instead of applying a blanket disadvantage.
  12. I got as far as seeing several LUA files. I couldn't open them. Am I looking in the wrong place?
  13. Is there a way where I could view them? Would I have to ping someone like watermelen671?
  14. [Game Update] - 354959

    So I wanted to put in my two cents to how they revamped sailing in this update. I liked what they did with sailing and how they tweaked some of the mechanics here and there. Everything feels a lot more involved, and boating now has a stronger emphasis on communicating clearly with your teammates. The fixed camera feels a bit strange, though. It's like being in a house in Hamlet, and I swear the strange fixed camera stays when you get back on land. The camera seems to fall behind once you get back on land after disembarking a boat. The fixed camera makes it somewhat difficult to see if anything is coming up ahead now. I imagine some sort of spyglass item will be added later, or one of the players on the boat will have to keep an eye on the map when sailing. Maybe a hat that increases your map radius or how far you can zoom out when sailing? My best guess is that the fixed camera is there to help with what they changed with the sails and anchors. Closing sails now takes time, but you can click on them again when in the process of closing them to close them a bit faster. Anchors now need to be fully lifted. If you don't let the animation finish when lifting the anchor, it makes a loud thud and shakes the screen again, applying the brakes on the boat once more. I guess you can use this to inch towards land slowly. Also, anchors now no longer stop all momentum when sails are open. When at least two sails are open, the boat still slowly moves. If it's slow enough, however, it won't damage the boat if it hits something, but you have to be moving really slow in order to not take damage. Boats with more than one sail now feel really fast due to the camera. Pets are now more annoying than ever. They get in the way of clicking on things when they're on the boat, especially the Mothling. It flies everywhere and it is such a nuisance due to its size. I like that the steering wheel keeps moving until you have reached the direction that you want to go in. Not all items float. It's nice that Sea Stacks can be mined, but why bother if most of the rocks just disappear when they fail into the ocean?