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  1. So, Wilbur can't talk when in shipwrecked. However, using the seaworthy (whatever its called) you can play as him in RoG. When examining the gravestones, he will talk normally like other characters. There are also many other weird things that happen when playing as SW characters in normal don't starve. It's a blast
  2. That's a good point. The only way to get into the market is to #1 be lucky, or #2 buy in with a good amount of currency (other game currency). BTW, other game currency costs steam funds. I wonder what else could potentially cost steam funds?
  3. Any time an improvement to a character is added, people go nuts. If your character doesn't look the best, then you want it to look the best. Thrown in the possibly of money and bam, you get a line straight from Philip J. Fry. The skins have made people insane over them. Only the stable people can refrain from the addiction. I still look for skins I want, even though I have tons of better things to do.
  4. If Klei really makes the items marketable, I will not be in the forums.. I will stop having Gingerbread Cookies servers too. I wish a good luck to Klei with new community they wanna build. I will also sell my distinguished item whenever it is tradable. Good luck with that Klei. Don't you think that abandoning such a great game is too extreme? I understand that the market could fail, but it can also succeed. The obvious fear here is that the market will cause items to be too expensive, which will probably happen at first, but keep in mind that the skins are what they are: skins. Its not like they are selling deerclops survival packages.
  5. I think it would be a mistake to drop the market now. A big one actually. If the market drops while new skins are being introduced, then the older items will suffer. However, if Klei waits and lets a few "collections" come out, a steam market system could work after the item variety is developed.
  6. Usually items get sold for too low and too high for a while until they come to a middle point. Then, they start to decline.
  7. I see that this trade inn and market stuff has caused some controversy. I think that the trade inn is solely a plus, because excess commons can be a problem. As for the marketable items, there are many downsides*, and there are many plus** sides. *Downsides: -People may choose to sell their rare items for too much, shutting people who don't have much money out until prices drop. -People may only play Don't Starve Together for the economy and possible profit. -New items might make previous ones go to the garbage in value. -People may think this game has become like certain other games that have economies. **Plus sides -Everyone has a convenient option to get items, even those who have trade hold. -The items, while possibly overpriced, will have a standard, so people will hopefully not lose out on good items they didn't know they had. -Many people enjoy games with economies. This might attract a whole new fanbase that may just make Don't Starve's popularity skyrocket. -Klei might make more money off of the economy. This means that they can more easily provide even more quality content, as they always have. -The skins are free for everyone, provided they are somewhat lucky. No one is forced to pay 2.49 for a chance at fortune. This is just my opinion on the matter. There are many more downsides and plus sides that are of smaller importance, but the general big ones should be included here. Let me know what you all think