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  1. Can't log in

    I removed and from hosts file and now it works perfectly. Thanks man, you're awesome!
  2. Can't log in

    I think i did put up something, and I can guess what, but to be sure, please say what it is. And also here's the commands screenshot. (Unreliable answer or something like that)
  3. Can't log in

    Are these hosts files?
  4. Can't log in

    Sorry, i don't know anything like that, i typed almost everything i knew in the post
  5. Can't log in

    So i asked friend from my city, who could play the game, when i couldn't. Now he can't log in too
  6. Can't log in

    The response time from exceeded. I'm playing from Ukraine, Zaporizhia. But all my friends from this city can play the game
  7. Game will not start

    I played this game on windows 7 for some time, so the problem is not in it. Sorry, but i can't see a problem here
  8. Game will not start

    Try to download OpenGL or update video drivers

    Did you try redownloading game?
  10. Can't log in

    So when i hit play button it start to try log in, but then say "could not connect to Klei's servers".I think it's started few days ago, when my antivirus (avg) blocked my connecting to network. I updated it and it all started working as usual.Few days after that i tried to play DST with my friends and that's what i go t. I've got wired connection and I tried everything: disabled firewall, deleted antivirus, ran as administrator, redownloaded the game, rebooted computer several times and just waited. also, i admitted, that when i click account button in offline mode, it starts to continuously load account information. Also, you can in screenshot below, that there is no internet loss in my connection and I'm very confused with this problem