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  1. And since Wilson was shown to have been the one to visit all three lands in the Constant, that makes him the only survivor to have experience in all places. Dude, the L O R E .
  2. The headband and hair give me more Joseph vibes than Josuke but the pose in on point... A mixture of the two?
  3. Pigking year is update now in China TGP. 2
  4. That's what has me kinda dumbfounded. Webber was the strangest we got in terms of characters (Woodie to an extent, too) but having Wortox, King of Daemons and Brimstone, as a playable character blows my mind. @JoeW Sorry to pester, but I assume we'll get lore for the new characters as well, right?
  5. Weird Headcannons

    *Woodie's mother had schizophrenia and there are some dark, solemn moments where he questions if he inherited it and if Lucy is just a figment of his imagination and that the other survivors are just playing along. *Wilson, is always willing to light something on fire for some purpose in a controlled, safe, well, safeish, environment with Willow, despite her history. *Regardless of his cockiness and bitterness, Willow sees that Wilson cares about everything a lot more than he makes it seem. *Once everyone is asleep, Max and Wilson discuss Them and Charlie... It took what seemed like years of prodding but Max opened up on his history. The two still get in altercations over stupid things but the two share a mutual respect and Max, surprisingly, considers Wilson to be his closest ally in the Constant. *Wolfgang has come around to Webber after Webber intervened when a Spider Warrior was about lunge. The once Monster-Child has become the fuzzy fanged protector of the strongman. *Wilson "borrows" Wicker's books out of curiosity and boredom. Despite the enjoyment he got from some of them, he regrets reading a couple. *Around the campfire, Wilson opens up about some events that no other survivor had been through. The time he was stranded in a strange Pig City and the time he was Shipwrecked. Max is surprised at this but swears that it sounds a bit familiar to him. He just can't place his finger on it. *Wes is an excellent artist and Webber, Wendy, and Willow all ask him to teach them. He's usually very willing and makes the lessons as fun as possible. *He'd never admit it to another soul, but Wilson was nursed from the cold embrace of death by Willow. He has no clue how she did it but she did. She brings it up jovially and he denies it. But when they're alone, he thanks her immensely. This further proves WIllows point on the scientist. *Wilson's early life wasn't pleasant. He was the middle child of a wealthy Boston banker and a first wave Russian immigrant. His father, the banker, always coddled his younger sister and lauded his older brother, but never gave Wilson the attention he so desperately desired. He was picked on in school and had trouble making any types of relationships. He became very reclusive but then found his passion for science after reading a book by Tesla. He researched everything and did his best to get into a good school but despite his passion, he wasn't a good scientist. His father was reluctant to pay for college but after an altercation between Wilson and his older brother, which led to him skipping town and getting mugged, his father refused to pay for a "failure of a son". Wilson, seething, stole a couple hundred dollars and made his way towards New England. Alone.
  6. From the looks of it, that's nightmare fuel and since they did say that this is the next big update, I'm gonna assume we're gonna get a Them/Charlie event. Honestly, I can't wait. Years of waiting for lore on Them and this seems to be the closest we've ever gotten. I'm hyped, my dudes!
  7. [Game Update] - 270528

    The free weekend all but confirms it. Glad to see this forum so lively again!
  8. Here's my two cents: Klei is usually very careful about leaks. Besides skins, everything is usually under lock and key. This is the first time something like this has happened and it occurred during a content drought. Everyone is practically starving (pun intended) on the forums and boom: a leak. A leak to sate us until the event drops. Klei, hats off to you.

  9. I wonder if each character will have unique stats for Hamlet, ala the Forge. Wilson being the base but experienced adventurer, Wes being the glass cannon, Webber being the "outlaw"-ish character, etc.
  10. Well well well! Glad to know they exist!
  11. Yeah that's what has been thinking they haven't been toggled for wide release yet. Within 24 hours of dropping, every skin (doesn't mean they were for sale) had a page on the market. The Spear just doesn't exist outside the curio cabinet (to my knowledge). I hope someone proves me wrong though!
  12. Tad bit curious, is the Rose Spear dropping? The Rose Collection has been out for 3 weeks (I think) now and the market has yet to see it even be graced with it's existence. Is it out there somewhere @PeterA?
  13. A ton of spiffies and a ton of luck.
  14. I can't believe after a whole darn year of rose hype shenanigans I get it on my first Trade Inn. God, I love Klei.