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  1. Server takes half an hour to quit

    Hey sorry I never got back to you, I got busy with thanksgiving and forgot I just came here to say it's fixed! Even my megabase game quits in like 30 seconds now! I didn't need to rename the documents folder, the latest updates must have solved the issue. Thanks!
  2. Server takes half an hour to quit

    Thanks for your really fast response. For comparison, loading up the game (when I host or otherwise) takes about 15 seconds A. I was able to reproduce when quitting on a freshly created world (a few seconds into day 1) B. No, it is pretty fast quitting a game hosted elsewhere. C. Yes, I've always had caves enabled D. I was running a few client mods, so I did what you said- disabled them, quit, validated steam files (it said all files validated successfully), created a new world and tried quitting again and got back to the main menu in 7 or so minutes, so I suppose mods are not helping here I then followed your 7 steps. The saving indicator following the c_save command went away about 3 seconds after. For some reason, I couldn't get this new server to write log files in the corresponding master and caves directories...is there a command I can use to force it to write to the log? I did have my client_log.txt located at Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\client_log.txt client_log.txt
  3. Apologies if this is a duplicate, I couldn't find this issue. When save/quitting any don't starve together server I'm hosting, it takes an extremely long time to get back to the main menu (usually about half an hour). The game runs fantastic otherwise, starting a game/running it. Opening task manager after trying to quit shows that memory and cpu usage are way under maximum, and the two don't starve together dedicated servers running seem to still be doing things. I've also seen this happen when playing the single player shipwrecked and vanilla don't starve games. Any wisdom or workarounds are greatly appreciated. Thanks!