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  1. A more sensible way of making mealwood harder would be for example, having to "craft" seeds by sacrificing some of the harvested lice. It could even require a building that uses power, or something like that. But the no-seed-at-all solution doesn't look good, or make sense at all.
  2. Which again is nonsense. I had a hard enough time with clean water and oxygen, now this too? Klei, please, think this over again...
  3. Making plants one-time food sources makes no sense. Especially knowing that Mush bar is horribly inefficient, one duplicant having to stand there 24/7 to operate the musher.
  4. MEh, screw that... if they made it harder to farm, fine. But now meal lice is not renewable at all, and that's BS.
  5. Wait what? I always had the super computer in the middle of my base, and sure it made a little heat but nothing over 30-35, nothing I needed to worry about in the long run. This this change?
  6. If ONI uses proper physics then evaporation point depends on pressure., The higher the pressure the higher that point. Is this the case by chance?
  7. Filters fail to actually filter... anything goes through either output of the filter. I had a filter to send Hydrogen in my Hydrogen generator (had Hydrogen selected for filtered output), and everything else back in the air. In reality, Hydrogen and Oxygen can both go either way randomly. In other words the filter simply functions as a junction with no filtering whatsoever.