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  1. On 20/03/2017 at 8:47 AM, DarkDeny said:

    Puft is no longer making slime

    fiber plants cannot be planted

    batteries, hydrogen generator and thermo regulators are no longer warming up water to make steam from it


    using pufts and making steam were two of my favorite things to do in the game =(

    You should try actually reading this thread before complaining, because all those were answered here or in the patch notes.

    1. Puft not making slime is a bug and is reported already
    2. "Fiber plants" are planted on the new Aquatic Farm Tile.
    3. There are now steam geysers producing infinite steam. The devs mentioned adding new ways of making steam so we can assume teh Tepidizer should be able to boil water and it's a bug that it can't. Also, you still CAN make steam if you really want, just the machine will break while doing so and will have to be periodically repaired, but again, why would you bother when there are infinite steam geysers? You can just use all your polluted water for fertilizer now.

  2. 4 hours ago, Kharn_Canuck said:

    I'm having a problem where duplicants are falling to the floor and "dying" and they just gasp for air, claw at the last bit of existance as they lay there... slowly dying.

    Is there no way to rescue them? whisk them away to a medical bed? One of them died , then as another one was mourning, they also began to die...

    What are they dying from? If you select them or hover the cursor you should see all problems in red text, also the reason for death on dead ones and there should also be red warnings in the top left corner.

    If it's suffocation you need to up your Oxygen generation, if it's starvation then the food and so on. At this point tho it's probably too late so you may want to reload an auto-save before they started dying and fix it there.

  3. 58 minutes ago, Eskkr0 said:

    I think its way better to do food through machines. It last longer, weights less so you dont need too many fridges to store it now it decays fast. 

    But in order to make food through machines we need water. 

    I tried this new building, the one that heats water. But it stops working at 85 degrees. 

    Since now batteries dont produce enough heat for steam sustainable production, does anyone have a clue on how to transform this hot water in steam?


    Did you try all available metals to make the Tepidizer from?

  4. So to sum it up:

    1. No practically sustainable food source exists now (mush and bristle both require insane amount of resources and as such can't be considered practically sustainable)
    2. Steam generation is impossible (everything breaks from steam's temperature)
    3. Dealing properly with larger amounts of excess heat is impossible (everything breaks at a mere 75 C°)
    4. Oxygen is now the least valuable/easiest resource

    This needs a serious rebalance-hotfix ASAP. Because the current state is nonsense.

    BTW, I'm pretty sure the 75 C° breaking point wasn't intended because they were saying "New ways to generate steam" about the update, so I think they intended the Tepidizer to be able to boil water.

    Also, how does the overload mechanic work? Does it look at the whole circuit or only how much a piece of cable needs to handle? Because in the first case you would have to have several separated generator-battery-consumers network parallel, which is ridiculous. I like the idea of having to watch wire load, but you need to be able to build sensible wiring systems.

    Speaking of, some way of controlling the power distribution would nice - like a power limiter, that would be essentially a "valve" for power.

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  5. 5 minutes ago, Ecu said:

    Why is it a bad thing that some things are not renewable?  If the resource is not required to survive and continue a colony, what does it hurt if it isn't able to be renewed?

    For once, because then we are back to the previous situation of there being only one single food source that makes sense in the long run.

    Second, because it makes no sense, logically - yes, it's just a game, but I prefer games to make some sense. Just think about it: You suddenly arrive to this place that has mealwood naturally growing, and seeds of it existing, but having no any means of producing said seeds. That makes no sense.

    Also, now that I think about it... does this mean that then all the mealwood I don't dog up early is pretty much wasted, because it will just die after a while, and the lice will rotl leaving me nothing (but fertilizer)?

  6. 3 minutes ago, jerseyjunior said:

    True.  But you cannot produce enough CO2 for this to sustain your colony.  Remember, Im thinking end game here.  Im just following these new changes to their logical end, considering the mealwood exploit is unintended.

    Showers create contaminated water from nothing, and in my experience if I build it the dupes shower day and night (maybe that changed). maybe you could even trap a dupe in a small room with nothing but a cot and a shower, and a nearby food storage he can access through a gap.

    And need to test if slime does indeed contaminate water on touch or I remembered that wrong.


  7. 1 minute ago, Ecu said:

    The developers talked early on about envisioning being able to manipulate the entire table of elements at some point. If this isn't complexity that you want out of the game then perhaps the game is not for you.

    1. Again: Balance.
    2. Just because something is complex it doesn't mean it could not be automated enough that you don't spend your whole time with doing simple, repeated tasks like ordering dupes to harvest and the like. The more complex it gets the more automation should be possible (see point 1 - balance!). And we are already moving towards it, with the new heater machines and the thermal switch.
    3. You keep telling me this game is not for me - how about letting me decided that instead? Thanks.
    4. Just because you have a different opinion on where balance should be then I do I don't think you have any base to speak for all players.


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  8. 4 minutes ago, Ecu said:

    Honestly, I'm not sure what to say to this.  It sounds like you want the game to be something it is not.  Managing all the various resources and utilizing the mechanics to achieve stability is kind of what the game is.

    There is something called balance. If things are getting overly complicated and hard there will be a point where you can't really do anything such as exploration or building new stuff because just keeping everything working takes away all the time. This is why I stopped playing Don't Starve - after a while I simply couldn't even leave my base because not only I was constantly freezing and running out of food, but dogs came without stop, and dealing with all of those ended up taking up all of the gameplay.

    I don't mind complex stuff, actually, I love building complex systems but it's not fun when everything is constantly running out and your Dupes can't even tie their shoelaces without you guiding them through it.

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