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  1. In order to fix it, I got the mods ID, went to dedicated_server_mods.lua and typed ServerModSetup(mod ID) pretty simple. The way I used to have my dedicated servers running didn't need dedicated_server_mods.lua, but after the update it does need dedicated_server_mods.lua, otherwise it will only load mods from the old file instead of the new one.
  2. All that I needed to do was change the mods in the dedicated_server_mods.lua, I found thanks to Gleenus, my appreciation for everyone that helped me.
  3. G'day, I host dedicated servers in order to play with my friends and have a nice average ping, but, after the new update, the server will only start mods which are in the old mods file and doesn't enable mods from the new mods file. The mods are all enabled when the server is not dedicated, but when I host it as a dedicated server, it will only enable mods that already were in the old mod file! Does someone know how to fix that? Do I have to reinstall the game? I already used the option to clean all the mods and it still didn't work.
  4. Howdy! I've been making a One Piece OST mod, and I wanted to change the hoedown OSTs (Goose, Moose and Beaver) , the character selection screen and the dusk/dawn sound notifiers (the ones that play when the night is over and when the dusk starts) but I have no idea what are the file names used to change them at FMOD designer (for example "music_work_night"), does anyone know how to find their name or could simply tell me them?
  5. Don't forget Woodie!He is good aswell at the job!
  6. I FEEL OFFENDED AS AN ACTUAL SENIOR SCOUT!! (this is my first meme here, I made it at paint because it's the perfect low quality meme machine, just for the memes though)