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  1. Okay, I'll try this code soon. By the way, what BufferedAction() is (or what does it do)?
  2. I've tried with components, actions... I can't believe the answer was in just one line of code. I feel totally trolled ._. inst.components.health.canheal = false Thanks for this "fakeheal" action, I understood what it does, but it was not necessary, since this line of code results in what I wanted xD For the attack override, I've tried this: Just added elseif inst:HasTag("mytag") then inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("newanimation") cooldown = math.max(cooldown, 24 * FRAMES) before the punch animation. So, other characters can still punch normally.
  3. Hi and thanks for taking the time to read this. 1 - about attack animation, it is only to change the animation when my custom character is not using a weapon (so it will use another animation instead of "punch"). I was able to make it work overriding the "attack" stategraph and adding a custom tag (in modmain). But I do not know if this is the only method. If there is a simpler or "cleaner" method of doing it, I'd like to know. The problem is that when I create a world with caves, the code does not work and I continue to use punch animation. 2 - Is there any way to remove the "heal" action from a custom character? So that she can not use the item, only the option to "examine" appears (instead of using the item and saying: "i cant do that").
  4. Wow! It worked perfectly the way I imagined it! Thank you so much, you saved my life xD
  5. Yeah xD But like I said, that was a small detail that was easy to fix. Okay, I'll wait, since I can not find a light. Thank's for your time. Still open for other ideas, if anyone has any.
  6. Wow, that piece of code gave me hope. Maybe I had never come to this conclusion xD Yes, I also think it is possible to recycle the action used to read books. After adjusting some small details (the game was crashing because of the global variable), still, no success (I even tried lowering the priority to 3 or less). The game is no longer crashing, which is a good sign. But the book still only provides the option to examine. But I have hopes that we are on the right track. Maybe you want to analyze my entire file? (if you have the time and the will for it, of course). Some important detail may have gone unnoticed in my eyes.
  7. I'm aware of the use of tags. It's the same system wigfrid uses to craft her personal items (spear and helm). Codex umbra also uses the tag "shadowmagic", so only maxwell can use it. However, the codex umbra acts as a science machine, not as a book itself. So this system of adding tags, by itself, does not eliminate my problem. Anyway, thanks for your response. Still no solution. Somebody else?
  8. Hi and thanks for taking the time to read this. Basically, I wanted my custom character to have the ability to read only my custom book and could not read the wickerbottom books (and wickerbottom or maxwell could not read my custom book either). I tried to copy the components "reader" and "book", changing to "readertwo" and "booktwo" (and adding the respective tags as well), for example, but without success. Only the option to examine the book appears. Then I tried several times to mess around with the stategraph used when reading a book, and yet, no success (well, I'm not very familiar with stategraphs). I would like to know if someone more experienced would have a solution (or even a simpler method, which I am not aware of from my point of view).