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  1. Scorpion attack me with the long dash, it passed the terrain and was floating over "the sea". It couldn't come back. Was still able to hit it. After killing it dropped a item on land and other over the sea, which was lost.
  2. On overworld I tried to send some berries(about 13) using the shift + left click shortcut, but they just dissapeared. I them moved to my bought house and tried the same for a Monster Jerky, and it's gone too. No sound was noticed. Exiting the world and loading again fixed the issue, however I did not received my items back.
  3. 2nd time in a row. Crash when entering a specific room inside a cave. One screenshot is for the look on the map(the room is the left from where Wig is). Second is the crash screen before game is forced to be closed.
  4. Entered a cave. Screen was stuck in place. The screen didn't change as I walked a bit on it. Was able to escape by pressing space bar on where I though the door was(needed to walk a bit, check map, walk a bit, check map, etc). There was another cave entrance close to it. about a screen away on overworld. Those torches on the image were available on I think all in-door screens, looks like a bug too(a deeper room that had two pig statues and two scorpions had them too, this room should've been full dark. The other image shows the map. My character was on another place, and the rectangle looks like it's the room being shown.
  5. Also, after all that, I got hit on a bought own house the same way, which doesn't look like should be possible.
  6. Attacked a shop owner(carrot store). Guard came. Immediatly left the house. Everytime I came back, he was still there(might be intended). Other shops had a hostile pig guard too. Bought a security contract, recruited a guard pig in the city, fought the previous angry guard. He died, when I came back on another store, my guard died and I left. After sometimes coming back and buying items while avoiding combat, there was 2 hostile guards, and the next time there was 3 hostile guards. After that, the next time I got randomly hit by a attack, presumably a invisible pig. By the frequency of hits, there was more than one. No sound of their attacks or anything, just Wilson noises. On windows.