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  1. Coffee plants no longer visible on the map
  2. In Seas the Day! update the recipe for Cobblestones was changed from Rocky Turf to Magma Turf, even in my RoG-only world.
  3. You've always been able to fire farm shadow creatures in the Ruins in RoG. I thinks this is intended.
  4. Also: When starting a new RoG game, the Sea Sack is available to prototype. No way to get the mats, but it's there. And the Luxury Fan and the Old Bell is not.
  5. Luxury Fan not available to prototype even in pure RoG worlds, ie. not linked with SW. Although Sea Sack is.
  6. At least 1 and 4 is also true of any RoG world *not* connected to SW. 2 and 3 I have not tested yet.