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  1. Come to my pocket

    How exactly does this mod work? I just downloaded and installed it, logged in game where i have 50+ logs on the ground, but i can still only pick them up one by one. Is there a bind key or anything?
  2. Where's My Giants

    Hi, i just downloaded this because I had a giant spawn, but i couldnt seem to find it anywhere. Previously, theyve seemed to spawn fairly close to me, but not this time. So I downloaded your mod, but theres nothing different to see on my map at all. No giants, not even tree guards. Nothing. Are you sure its working?
  3. (abandoned) Always On Status

    Great mod! I just downloaded it. Unfortuneately its not working for me. In my game, in the mods list, it says the mod is out of date and have issues, is there a newer mod? Or an update?