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  1. Are there skins that players will only get during this time frame by playing?
  2. I am not worried about they die, but the fact that they die before they kill bee queen. But maybe there is no point in giving them hats anyway. Thanks for the advice. Thanks a lot for the boomrang tip.
  3. I just unlocked Wurt and trying to experiment interesting way of solo bosses with her. For example, beequeen, dragonfly, or even ruins. So far, I have just made a trial to kill beequeen with about 25 merm soldiers with beehat, but ended up with quite the opposite. At an army size of 25, feedin them and bringing them to the spot is already a difficult task. They lose aggro quite easily. I am thinking about maybe building a wall around bosses so that merms stay inside even when they lose friendness points. And ofc, build merm bases near each bosses. Any other ideas are also welcome.