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  1. Hey, so a friend of mine and I are struggling to connect our dedicated server to the beta branch. We know that we have to edit the cluster.ini file (we're not using SteamCMD). Can anyone please tell me what exactly we need to do to get the beta running? Cheers
  2. Excuse me, but can you tell me more? I tried googling what you've said but I can't find any information.
  3. Hey, looky here. The wooden pancakes stack. if you spawn them that is Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the closest we got to vertical movement in DS history, isn't it?
  4. Good day, I'd just like to say that the newest personal quest for WX-79 might not be tracking propperly. I've met the requirements for the mission (achieved the merciless card in the result screen), yet the quest didn't mark as compleated, nor give out any reward(EXP). I submit screenshots as proof.
  5. There exists a mission for Wilson that is impossible to do. I'm taking about creating 4 healing circles within 60s as Wilson. By counting the time with a stopwatch I came to the conclusion that even wtih the max 20% CDR, Wilson cannot in any way create 4 healing circles in under a minute.