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  1. Wildfires are definitely annoying, but I feel like its a good push to encourage players to do caves stuff in the Summer, as in my experience there are plenty of players who just avoid the caves and have no idea what it has to offer besides getting a lantern. Most of the time you'll have tons of food after Spring so you can just bundle a bunch of it to negate the faster spoilage and explore the caves/ruins during the Summer with the large chunk of time you have, which can extend to multiple years if you want to focus on the ruins/guardian/archives/fuelweaver while you're there each time. It only really becomes an issue after you've explored and have obtained all the cave loot and have no reason to go back, but at that point you can just turn it off in settings and nobody would really blame you if it was a 800+ day world megabase that you don't want destroyed.
  2. Named him Buddy, as all beefalo are shaped like friends
  4. I think one of the nicest things about this community, maybe the forums specifically, is how tight-knit it is while still being open. You'll see the same people a lot on the forums and its cool seeing them on other platforms like Discord or even finding them in servers. Any negative experiences or drama only come from a few bad apples in my experience, which might be lucky depending on others' experiences. Regardless, this community is definitely one of the better ones out there.
  5. I'd say that Bearger is the best collector of wood, since he doesn't require any prep other than being near a forest/birchnut biome before spawning in to get work done. You can get a large amount of wood the first time around before Bearger dies to treeguards, usually enough wood to last you the year unless you need a ton of it for decoration like wooden or cobblestone turf. Using Bearger with birchnut trees pretty much counteracts the treeguard issue since one slam will kill the birchnut treeguards at the cost of extra time, since you need Bearger to hit as many trees as possible without running into them to get your birchnuts back. Maxwell, however, is probably the best all around mainly because he has what are essentially infinite durability pickaxes at his disposal. Ice, Moon Glass, Ruins Statues, and other minable objects that aren't normal boulders can take a lot of extra hits from pickaxes that can chew through sticks and flint fast unless you're using golden pickaxes. After clearing the ruins once, this isn't much of an issue since you have stacks of frizzled wires, but Maxwell can get tons of these resources early game without much trouble, with the only problem just being that any enemy can interrupt the resource collecting since the shadows are so weak.
  6. You can still use healing dishes, its just you can only use them twice before they are useless so if you use dishes focus on the big heals like Wobster Bisque, but for the most part you will be using salves or poultices if you don't want your inventory filled with different healing dishes. If you can, Jellybeans are also an excellent alternative, and can be a decent regen on certain bosses if you're kiting them well.
  8. I'm honestly indifferent towards it, as while you can technically start doing it as soon as the first autumn, the only people that really benefit or use it are likely going to be at least a year or so invested into a world. Unless your holding yourself to a standard for a challenge, changing characters in a long-term world is a nice change of pace and allows solo players to benefit from having items you wouldn't have otherwise. It really helps remove the tedium from solo worlds by letting you use synergies like Wolfgang and Chili Volt Goat Jelly to fight bosses intended to be fought with multiple people that could last a few in-game days otherwise. Personally, I've almost never have used the mechanic just because in most worlds I forget to find the celestial orb, but ultimately its a completely optional mechanic that is fine to either avoid or use since you can play the game just fine without it.
  9. With the Hounds Everywhere System, you will never go 3 days without a hound attack past day 300! Houndwavesafter2years.mp4
  10. Personally, I just really hope they give us methods to buff spiders, as making spider wars with them is really the only useful way to use it, as they die in ~3 hits, making them practically useless against all bosses or any mob with AoE attacks. Since spiders seem to be a strength-in-numbers type of mob, maybe Webber could control and buff them through AoE effects, like something he can use with precise timing to tank spider damage or heal them and so on, making him a group summoner that focuses on managing multiple units as opposed to Abigail. Webber is such a neat concept and I can't wait to see what direction they take him, since there's so many things they could focus on or change.
  11. You're on the mark in that leitmotif is likely the best term to describe it. It's really common in video games, but due to the nature of DS/DST's soundtrack, it doesn't really use it much, so its nice that its utilized in the animated shorts. I'm pretty sure the leitmotif originates from the New Reign cinematic, as a similar melody plays on the bells slowly when she throws Wilson back into the constant. I could be wrong, but its really cool when leitmotifs are used well and using it for Charlie is really cool.
  12. Maybe the real puzzle was the friends we made along the way...
  13. Is Horsey. What you not get?
  14. A star-spawned horror rattles its crystalline cage! Whoops wrong game