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  1. A small pass time of mine

    I agree with ya man, in all honesty tho, I think Lucys lines get slightly tweaked with Woodies Suvivor and Triumphant, haven't played much with his GOH to say with that
  2. A small pass time of mine

    Afternoon once more everyone. Everyone should know what I'm releasing today, if they've seen my recent post (wich if you havent, it'll be easy to guess!) Well, here he is! I wish klei would make these sketches abit mote difficult <3
  3. A small pass time of mine

    Good afternoon everyone (if you consider 11 am the afternoon xD) I recently got done most likely my biggest DST inspired artwork, this time including EVERYONE from dst, including charlie. I hope you enjoy it! As a side note, woodies triumphant will be coming out soon!
  4. A small pass time of mine

    Good morning everyone. I know I have been abit inactive lately with my drawings, but restassured I will be more or less "teasing" a drawing I've completed recently showcasing my custom character I've been working on. So, here's it is!
  5. A small pass time of mine

    Hello once again everyone! I was thinking for a few days now and well, I'll be taking some small comissions from you guys! Now what do I mean by small? I mean a single character portrait screenshot (similar to my two Woodie ones). Until I start drawing more and more, I promise I will increase the comission size. Send me a PM with an image and I promise I'll try my best to get it done! Thanks, and I hope I can draw your characters soon!
  6. A small pass time of mine

    Hey everyone! I got Maxwell colored! (But sadly when I went over it with a sharpie, I didn't like the outcome :<(
  7. A small pass time of mine

    Hey everyone! It's update time! This time I decided to jump onto the Maxwell memes (plus were working with watercolors in my drawing class without reason, so I'll try to make it much line the DST art style!) Maxwell and his big nose sniffing out the (memes) carrots.
  8. A small pass time of mine

    I take a photo using my phone. (The two Woodie ones were the only result of me using it in a different manner, the other two, well.. are the result of an app..)
  9. A small pass time of mine

    Update time guys! I finished woodies survivor set (was a bit tricky due to his hair). Woodie does whatever he can to survive; even eat logs
  10. A small pass time of mine

    Hey everyone! Due to the recent drop of Woodies survivor head (competing the set), I will now draw woodies survivor set! (If it isn't obvious yet, I really enjoy playing woodie) As another side note, I have also taken screenshots of me and my friend playing. Do stick around within the upcoming weeks for updates!
  11. Normally every other fellow starve has their pass times in life and in game (hopefully not starving!) Personally I like the art style of DS, but unable really incorporate it into my own. So what do I do? I get bored and draw various screenshots and assets from DS/T! It may not be pitch perfect, but I do love showing other people :). Woodies GOH outfit (soon to be with Webber & Wilson) Webber opening a gift, Willow cheering in joy, Woodie looking over One of me and my 2 other friends dancing on day 100! I do plan on doing more in the future, so do share some ideas with me!