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  1. Ok! So, I do have two new things to show, one being the aforementioned thing I was working on earlier. They're both for the same thing (being YT thumbnails), but they're both Warly! The first Warly is from a slightly older thumbnail made a few weeks ago, while the more recent one (the one on the bottom), was made a few days ago. I know they're not perfect, but I still enjoyed making them! (I'm not sure if I'll post the full thumbnails here, there isn't much to them in all honesty, the focal point is Warly after all!)
  2. I hope it isn't against the rules to reply to a form thats been dead for over four years now, but I've been meaning to get back to this thread eventually (it was gone for a time, so I couldn't really say much!). If it is against the rules, I am extremely sorry for breaking them and I'll make a new thread if need be. Anyway, I just want to say, yes! I still on occasion draw Don't Starve related content (although, it's a very small amount of content). All the content produced in this thread was made back during my freshmen year of high school, so improvement has been achieved, yay! I've also grown more and more fond of the DS/T art style over the years as well. As I'm writing this, I'm currently working on something else, rather small, like this one, but I'll post it when I get around to finishing it.
  3. I agree with ya man, in all honesty tho, I think Lucys lines get slightly tweaked with Woodies Suvivor and Triumphant, haven't played much with his GOH to say with that
  4. Afternoon once more everyone. Everyone should know what I'm releasing today, if they've seen my recent post (wich if you havent, it'll be easy to guess!) Well, here he is! I wish klei would make these sketches abit mote difficult <3
  5. Good afternoon everyone (if you consider 11 am the afternoon xD) I recently got done most likely my biggest DST inspired artwork, this time including EVERYONE from dst, including charlie. I hope you enjoy it! As a side note, woodies triumphant will be coming out soon!
  6. For the templatejournal.lua do i merge that into the prefabs or do i copy/pate it into another file?
  7. Thanks man! I guess i'll look into it and all, and figure some of it out on my own too. Im also going to vaguly guess that, i may be putting this in the "scripts" folder? Or does it just go inside the mod folder (where all the other folders existence)
  8. Yes. Its the fear of spiders (which is ironic, because i hate them too) Then if this is the case, then we shall move on with this. (If its possible, which, i think it may be, make them available at the start for that character, and again, its lock to that character) and to note, theres a few crafting recipes involved too, lol.
  9. Hey don't sweat it man, I really appreciate your help! It means alot
  10. Wow thanks man! I appropriate this alot! Now for my hopes on the wetness stuff. I'll update this later once i figure out how i want some custom items to function (still planning their functionality out!)
  11. Good day everyone. I just would like to ask you guys for some help with modding my character (Im not real smart in coding, so bare with me please!) First off, my character freezes slower in the winter, but overheats faster in the summer. Secondly, (if this one part is possible) he doesnt get wet as fast another characters, but he does take a 25% slower time to dry off. Also a passive health regen (5 every 25 seconds)--This section has been helped! EDIT; I still need the arachnophobia for the character. Other then that, and possible a crafting station w/a book (in a similar fashion to Maxwells Codex in DST). If this isnt possible, then the next best help is to add it to the magic tab, for the character only. But until then, i thank you for your help!
  12. Good morning everyone. I know I have been abit inactive lately with my drawings, but restassured I will be more or less "teasing" a drawing I've completed recently showcasing my custom character I've been working on. So, here's it is!
  13. Hello once again everyone! I was thinking for a few days now and well, I'll be taking some small comissions from you guys! Now what do I mean by small? I mean a single character portrait screenshot (similar to my two Woodie ones). Until I start drawing more and more, I promise I will increase the comission size. Send me a PM with an image and I promise I'll try my best to get it done! Thanks, and I hope I can draw your characters soon!
  14. Hey everyone! I got Maxwell colored! (But sadly when I went over it with a sharpie, I didn't like the outcome :<(
  15. Hey everyone! It's update time! This time I decided to jump onto the Maxwell memes (plus were working with watercolors in my drawing class without reason, so I'll try to make it much line the DST art style!) Maxwell and his big nose sniffing out the (memes) carrots.