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  1. Hi I have been playing Oxygen not Included for one year now and never had problem with sound, five days ago (after last update) everything was still working fine. But more recently, I had this message on start that the audio driver failed to be loaded and indeed there was no sound. Curiously when starting the game several times, sometimes it worked, sometimes the message did not show up but the audio was clearly bugged, and sometimes the message appeared. But now, the message always shows up and the audio never works. The message bring me here : So I tried : deactivating Nahimic, even deinstalling it. updating the drivers putting the audio in 24-bit, 48000Hz (actually it has always been in this state) reinstalling the game Nothing works, and actually it kind of messed up my audio installation since I cannot reinstall Nahimic for some reason, and the new Realtek panel lacks functionalities it had before. But nonetheless, audio is fine in any other application, except oxygen not included. What am I doing wrong ? Thank you
  2. [Game Update] - 266340

    Yes they are, see here : Did you read my post ? Log-average of a and b is exp((log(a)+log(b))/2 and this is the same thing as the square root of ab. You are right about that. Since thermal resistance roughly is length/thermal conductivity, and if we take the length to be half the length of the tile (after all this is not a transfer between two extremities of the tiles), then you get the harmonic mean of thermal conductivities. The thing is, we are not strictly speaking in a case where thermal transfer are ruled by thermal resistance, so I don't know if LMTD is better than harmonic mean.
  3. [Game Update] - 266340

    Well the log-average, which is the same thing as the geometric mean, is indeed not the physical solution. But the logarithmic mean is, see here
  4. [Game Update] - 266340

    Log-average (= geometric mean) or logarithmic mean ? These aren't the same thing...