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  1. Platform: PC

    Do I use mods?: No

    Curent content BuildID: 932479

    Description: It seems that the Life Giving Amulet does not work in DS:SW. I died wearing it but my avatar never rez after a certain time. The avatar stayed at the exact position I died (of poison) lying down on the boat & I was unable to make any action (no controls & no interface/map/menu anymore). This screenshots shows what was on screen after several minutes waiting for the next day.

    By the way the world was going on with no problem (day/night cycle, etc.). I was stucked in the game with no possibility of nothing.


    Note: Have not tried other configuration to be sure the Life giving Amulet is always glitching (e.g. Does the Life Giving Amulet works when players are on ground and not on a boat ?)

    What I'm sure of is that I died on a boat from poison and I was wearing the Life Giving Amulet before dying

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  2. Platform: PC


    Do I use mods?: No

    Curent content BuildID: 932479

    Description: When 2 jungle trees are too close & aligned (depending on the camera), some leaves of the sprits might start to blink when players are moving around. This screenshot don't show the blink itself (It's not a video, sorry) but show the configuration needed for making this visual glitch possible.

    Note: It can happen with other objects but thing is those trees are so huge It might happen often



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  3. Platform: PC

    Do I use mods?: No

    Curent content BuildID: 932479

    Note: It's a known issue on the Wiki but I did not see it on the bug tracker of DS:SW, so here it is ! (Sorry if I missed it guys)

    Description: On the sea, riding on too much waves in a short time make players too fast for Packim Baggins. That means that the dude will lost your position, and stay in the middle of the ocean until you come back close to it. Going back to him seems to be the only solution for now as I know.Shipwrecked_Bug_02_A.thumb.jpg.9cf4498e0


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  4. Platform: PC

    Do I use mods?: No

    Version Number: Rev. 161129

    Description: Players can find abandoned boats in the sea at random locations. When I tried to switch from my boat to the abandoned cargo boat, the game suddenly crashed.



    I reloaded, tried again, and again... It crashes every time. Here is the Warning log :Shipwrecked_Bug_02.thumb.png.84f1707c7ae

    Good luck & thank you for this awesome work you are doing !

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