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  1. No, really why does it exists ? It prevents nothing because it outputs 4kW it's twice more than the amount of power that conductive wire can run through, so when its more than 2kW it just starts overload. And so i ask again why does it exist ? You can make a slider for managing it's power that it can move thought or make it recognize how much power it can move through and not move more than 2kW or 1kW depending on what wires are connected, that's how i thought it was supposed to work at first time i tried to use it, but then as it turns out it doesn't work in anyway and presents nothing and it's existence is just not justified. Or maybe i and many other players (probably all of us) don't know how to use it properly and in a right way ?
  2. it shows 0/4 creatures while there are 3 tropical pacus