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  1. So what about redeeming through PS store like all other games? This is actually strange! many games have a system to redeem codes in-game! just recently I used my Borderlands 2 code in-game to redeem some stuff! so why Sony are picking you guys to remove it from the game, and others not?
  2. Apparently, I got crash instead, so please ignore my crash report, I didn't read your post, so after restarting the game everything works fine, we even got in-game notification about the bug, that's awesome.
  3. Yup, I can confirm this, EU can purchase the Magmatic Bundle without any problem. ty - and there is a small bug with the new panel on the main menu Good luck guys @CharlesB @PeterA <3
  4. I'm going to buy them all. should I wait? or just buy the other bundles?
  5. [Game Update] - 140

    Thank You!
  6. For my knowledge, you only get 1 account linked with Klei . and in this situation you got your Steam account linked. so you only get the drops with Steam, not PS4. It happened with me back, when I sing up to Hamlet with my Klei account. I got denied because my Klei ID is linked with my PS4, not Steam. The same with the drops, I got them with PS4, but not on Steam. I hope this answer your question.
  7. Hi Sometimes I can't pick the rot when the food spoils on a drying rack. * even ashes wouldn't let me pick them up.
  8. UPDATE: I might've done something stupid, for some reason, I kept testing this, because I found nothing in wiki regarding Lureplant give nothing. so what I have done is to test planting the lureplant everywhere, on different turf, season etc.. to see what happened. and voila! I think just before this, the server kicked me out, saying "The server not responding", and when I join back, I got like 5-10 FPS, so I was looking around to see what causing the lag! it was the Lureplants!
  9. Hello there. So I don't know how to describe this, but lately, I have been staring to Wolfgang's chest for so long, just to notice that they actually nipples ! for some reason some clothes don't show up?!
  10. Hello there. This might be not a big deal, but sometimes I'm having some missing textures with Waling Cane and Bundling Warp. - For the Bundling Warp - If I died or If I'm wearing anything rather than a backpack for a limited time, the Bundling Warp disappear from my inventory, and the way to fix this is to drop the Bundling Warp. - For the Walking Cane - This is really annoying sometimes, for some reason when I'm switching between the Cane and Torch, the Cane disappear! and the only to fix this is to drop the item or unequip.
  11. Hello there. I do not know if this is a bug, or not, so please ignore if not. Sometimes when Harvesting or killing Lureplant don't give any Leafy Meat. *I tried this while eyeplant spawn or without eyeplant spawning.
  12. [Game Update] - 136

    I thought we will get it after 2 days! This is amazing guys, thank you so so much.
  13. Twitch drops

  14. If this didn't work try this, with PS+ account. - On your PS4 system, - sign in to the relevant account. Go to [Settings] > [Account Management] > [Activate as Your Primary PS4].
  15. Launching Server

    UPDATE; - This seems to be solved somehow after winter patch.