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  1. Hello, Before Wortox update I was able to use the O button to teleport me (If i'm not mistaken!) away as well as Mobs but lately, I notice that I can't use it on me! the only way to teleport me is by going to the item it's self to use it! like this pic...
  2. Howdy, I'm having an issue with placing turf next or near a Pond or Oasis lake! it's just always one turf that refuses to be placed.
  3. [Game Update] - 147

    Ever time we have an update, the Official Servers goes offline, I'm sure @CharlesB will back them up asap.
  4. Hmm, did you try to catch near Honey farm? When all of your bees wandering around the flowers! dunno for me it's not only easy way to catch but even to save time, I guess? Tentacles? This is the only two things that I'm using the Target Lock for, catching something or killing Tentacle.
  5. Hello. After the last patch [147], all the items name in-game don't show up!
  6. [Game Update] - 147

    Hmm, I just bought mine 3 minutes ago! (EU store)
  7. It's really useful! especially when you try to catch Bees or Butterfly! before the Target Lock, almost always when I try to catch butterflies I accidentally pick a flower or catch bee instead! but Thanks to our lord @CharlesB ... this never happened when he introduced the Target system.
  8. Wortox

    No unfortunately you cant, but if you came near edges the circle range adjust to let you hop far. And about that @CharlesB please can we have the ability to custom controls? the circle for Wortox hopping is really hard to control! Especially when you use it for something else but you accidentally hop instead! I would love to use the L3 instead! And one more thing... Can we get the ability to hide the text for Soul hop? or make it smaller? it's killing me every time when I try to build or place something! or maybe it's just me? I would like to hear from others if this bothers them or not? The text in general useless when you learn the controllers, in my opinion, and I would love to be able to hide it!
  9. Game won’t load in on ps4 Oceania

    For me, I can login and play fine right now.
  10. Game won’t load in on ps4 Oceania

    Still, I can't log in instead the game let me skip the new loading text "Updating the shop" with "Inventory download failed" but the game wouldn't let me play anything after that, the public server is shown as 0 found, and I cannot launch my world nor join friends or start new one. And the daily gift bugged, it didn't show after the main menu start. + After patch 1.45, the offline trick stopped working, when I launch my world or join a public server, I got infinite "launching server". Thanks a lot guys for your hard work, not been able to play sucks, but cannot find a way to reproduce the issue sucks more! so please take your time with it and we here will help you with anything you need.
  11. Game won’t load in on ps4 Oceania

    Yesterday I was able to login without having any trouble. Today I wasn’t able to login, instead I’m having issues logging into the game with pop up text “Checking the weather”!
  12. Game won’t load in on ps4 Oceania

    Hmm, I think you guys somehow fixed it? because it's working for me! no logging issue! nothing! everything works fine.