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  1. Retrofitting world

    Hi, If you meant the second update (Salty Dog) your world will not count down, the same way for the RoT first update!
  2. Deer Clops

  3. Hello Hounds run weirdly after they jump back to land!
  4. And that's the problem with land and sea! on lands, you have open space to use the Weather Pain, but within the boat space you really have no choices! The only way is to go without any structures, no Mast no Lighting Rod nothing! only an empty boat and an oar! and I test this, it's really really harsh to set sail or even to fight the Malbatross! because a single item as you said will stop you from casting the Weather Pain! Even though if you stayed really close to him, you will not be able to see the option or use the weapon because of it! Why then we only see an Attack option and not the cast spell from the start? this actually will be an easy fix for this problem if we can cast the same distance as an Attack so we will not have anything to interrupt us from using the Weather Pain.
  5. Yes, he does, actually, Wortox is a good example of who the staff should work? don't you think so? I can see your point of equipping and unequipping, but it will be major QoL improvements if we can use Wortox implement to the Lazy Explorer! Thanks for the clarification.
  6. They still spawn the normal Pengull even when I'm out of my transformation, so I think transforming has nothing to do with it.
  7. [Game Update] - 148

    Sorry for bringing this up, but I have a question with... Has anyone found these in Tumbleweeds? since this update, I was opening Tumbleweed regularly and without any luck!! I tried wiki, looking for answers but without any luck. - Do they have Trinkets? the same as Knight and Rook? or just Sketch? and what is the drop chance? sure they have a really low number if this is the case!! because I only get the Shadow Pieces, like a lot!
  8. Hello, No idea if this is a bug or not, but If you are using the Lazy Explorer you might be annoyed and frustrated of who it works, lately, I have been using it instead of the cane, and it gives me a tough time, wasted many telepoof by mistake, just because the game has the same binding for two things, for example, - COOKING Because the cooking is using the same button for telepoof, I need to unequip the Lazy explorer to something else to be able to cook. - LANTERN So many times that I almost died, just because I couldn't turn on the lantern, or I telepoof by mistake just to turn it off! Basically, anything that has the same button as the telepoof will not work and it will prioritize the lazy explorer first. I just wish the telepoof doesn't prioritize over anything else.
  9. Hello, Apparently, there is no way to use the Weather Pain against Malbatross! In fact, you can't use it at all on the sea.
  10. Hello, After the new update (Return Of Them), I'm struggling a lot with Deerclops(only him)! When I try to hit him, most of the time the hits don't register! I tried this 2-4 times and in every fight, I've had this issue! - There is no lag or connection issues during the fight.
  11. Could you check the Moon Caller too? because I think it has the same thing? maybe?
  12. I can not purchase Mega Pack

    Hey, welcome to the forum. - Did you try to purchase the game throughout the console store? not the web? (for me sometimes when I purchase something on my phone or from their website on pc, I got some weird errors!) If you didn't get any help, try to delete the game from your console, this might fix your issue.
  13. I should have elaborated more, my apologies. So I think it's cave-related-bug? When you rotate the camera around the Scaled Furnace, Hmm dunno who to describe it, but it's like black flashes? Only in one way, the flashes will stop! The upper world seems fine, but I could have sworn it happened for me once?! * I might be mistaken
  14. [Game Update] - 158

    That was fast, thanks as usual.