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  1. YES, unfortunately you'll found only Wolly's boat. it's absolutely a bug, because i'm now near 1500 and almsot every spring I spend near shores and no single of any flotsam spawn. NOT one NOT two, NOTHING. This post has been here around now 4 months and yet no response from the developers. =(
  2. Hello. I don't know if anyone still read my bugs or not! But yeah please check my previous topics. For this one, In my world I have 3 caves, but 2 of them linked to 1 cave! This is really annoying me! Because whenever I enter the cave number 1 and I wants to leave, I spawn on cave number 2!! The same thing when I enter cave 2! That means I have only 2 Ancient Guardian! And two caves instead of 3!
  3. + Caves!! they do it either. When you enter caves and stay there awhile, season will change to the next one!
  4. I lost my 1800+ and 970+ worlds because of this crash but my game crash after I merged my RoG with SW, sorry to tell you that nothing you can do to bring your save back once it corrupted it remain corrupted
  5. Hello, as it shown in the pic, the item has no image in the inventory!
  6. WHAT! that unfortunate!! because I had almost all my berry bushes on my summer cave!! and many of items that I was stored it there! so I guess i'll delete my save and try link a new SW to my old RoG
  7. Yeah you right! but I spend more than 75 days looking for it, i guess my game was glitched! because after I re-log and join again I found the boat near the shore!
  8. Hi, so after I merged my new SW with my old RoG.. I spend almost 50days looking for Flotsam, so I can build the seaworthy, but there are none offshore or near the shore! am i missing something? because according to wiki you just need Fishing Rod.
  9. hey, So I don't know if this is bug or not, but my old cave on RoG reset?! all thing that I had before gone!