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  1. I have a working save? you want that? because what I learned, I never quit during rain or during whole spring just to be on the safe side. but I could cause the crash to happen if you want a damage save file. I'm willing to do that for you sir.
  2. So after many many time having this crash, and lost many hours of hours of gameplay, I decided to test why, when, and how this crash happen, so I back-up my old save and I come to conclusion. 1- I was told that my world contain a lot of items next to each other, so I re-work all my base and half of my map. (Nothing Change) 2- I was told that Beefalo will continuously breed, so I killed all my beefalo herd except one! (Nothing Change) 3- I was told that Bee Boxes might cause this, so I moved all my bee boxes to cave and limit them to 6. ( Nothing Change) 4- I was told pig houses and bunny might cause this as well, so I destroyed most of the houses. (Nothing Change) I re-work most of biomes turfs to Checkerboard Flooring just to reduce trees growth and still nothing will change and the crash will occur on certain time, but what I notice is that it only happened during Spring and some time on Autumn! and only happen during startup or roll-back. what I found out is not spring nor Autumn is the problem! it's freaking (RAAAAAIN)!!!!! when it's pouring rain somehow this crash happen when you quit the game or rollback! I test this many time and always work! I always get the error when I quit during rain on Spring or late Autumn! so I rest my case Klei.. I gave you the result of when and why.. all I ask is to find out how to fix this! if you want me to record how it's occur I'm more than happy to do it. but i know you have full report submitted from me when this happens and sorry for that by the way! here will be my last post to this bug. I hope from my heart that i didn't cause hassle for you guys @JanH @CharlesB @JoeW @PeterA
  3. For me, I can't start a new world and I will not, because really like you, I had spent hours and hours of playing that will go wasted if Klei didn't fix this for us. from my part, I did what I can, I DM everyone who has red color on has name, only one answered me with explanation and and promise nothing. the rest ignored me, and this is really feels bad, when you know no one willing to even reply to you or to your bug report let alone fixing a game breaking bug. but do you know what? i'm the idiot here, this was not the first time Klei disappeared when it in needed for me. but what can I say, i'm in love with this game so i give DST a chance and here we go again, a bug that need fix ASAP but we can't get it. having too much stuff is necessary for an online/open world game, I hope this is not the reason.
  4. Hey there, I'm having the same thing unfortunately .. let me ask you something.. do your world setting set as Endless or Survival? because the folks saying this crash happened because our worlds having a lot of stuff and items, but I'm trying to clean my world up by moving items and resources around the world.. at first this help and I'm able to join my world without crash. but after couple of seasons i log off during spring and the crash is back now! and i can't access my world no more, I rolled back all the days! and I forgot to upload my new saving to my USB. so now I'm back to my old saving losing 100-ish days because of this! Hopefully Klei can speed-up and fix our worlds with hot-fix update or something. because I thought I'm the only one who has it, but know you and surely there are people who have the same bug but they only might submitted to Sony.
  5. UPDATE: I can't rollback within the game, every time I rollback the server disconnected and returned me to the main menu.
  6. Apparently the crash happened a lot during spring.
  7. Here is my new save, PS4.rar
  8. Here a clip of how crash happened https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdwAvKH0L-k
  9. Hey there, I got crash everytime I leave and re-join my world with error named (CE-34878-0)!! this error been happened to me the last two weeks The only way to bypass this crash is to rollback few days back! but today I rollback to all days without allowing my to enter my world!!!!! i'm at 1050-ish days and i can't access my world now!!! and this is really annoying and frustrating to reollback every every every time and lose every progress i have made! My only choice is to backup my old save which is day 1012-ish, yet again solving nothing, because still this error keeps happening to me every time i quit the game.
  10. this is sad, really sad! that's it, I give up on this game.
  11. i'm using console my friend
  12. So.. after this post I was really so happy and excited that I can enjoy the game again! but NO! after SW patch I lost my old save and now this happening again??
  13. We all do enjoy and love the game, but in this conditions we can't play rather than enjoying it! for me I did my best to let the developers know and to be informed about this in particulary bug, but yet nobody interesting to hear me or even reply. so the refunds sound really good way to maybe let the developers of this game give us a little of their time to fix the bugs and glitches on DS. but yet, they mange to submitte and release DST update? what I fear is they are giving up on DS on consoles and focusing on other things and new games to bring them more money, and this is okay! but they must and need to fix their games first especially fixing a bug like this, that make the game unplayable!!
  14. pal, don't waste your time writting bugs or even play the game, this bug been around 7 month now, and Klei did nothing to fix it.for me i just deleted the game and every Klei games. they don't respect us as PS4 player. so why we even try to... fun fact; almost every bugs for DS console in this forum is "pending"
  15. The word YET gives me hope that maybe one day my glitched cave will be fixed, meanwhile thanks Jason for your time and attention for my bug, much appreciated.
  16. It happened to me unfortunately, and here a clip of my gameplay on my console shown that my caves got linked. is it possible that you can see what you can do with my saving file? I can mange to upload it from my PS plus or using USB if you land my your help. because this bug is really making me disappointed for having only 2 caves and everytime when I went out it spawn me in a different location.
  17. Hey Jason, i'm playing the game on console (PS4). Would you still like me to send you the saving file? Thanks
  18. YES, unfortunately you'll found only Wolly's boat. it's absolutely a bug, because i'm now near 1500 and almsot every spring I spend near shores and no single of any flotsam spawn. NOT one NOT two, NOTHING. This post has been here around now 4 months and yet no response from the developers. =(
  19. Hello. I don't know if anyone still read my bugs or not! But yeah please check my previous topics. For this one, In my world I have 3 caves, but 2 of them linked to 1 cave! This is really annoying me! Because whenever I enter the cave number 1 and I wants to leave, I spawn on cave number 2!! The same thing when I enter cave 2! That means I have only 2 Ancient Guardian! And two caves instead of 3!
  20. + Caves!! they do it either. When you enter caves and stay there awhile, season will change to the next one!
  21. I lost my 1800+ and 970+ worlds because of this crash but my game crash after I merged my RoG with SW, sorry to tell you that nothing you can do to bring your save back once it corrupted it remain corrupted