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  1. If you don't mind me, yes we can play Offline without any issues. Apparently, we all have this problem?!
  2. Hi Sometimes I can't pick the rot when the food spoils on a drying rack. * even ashes wouldn't let me pick them up.
  3. UPDATE: I might've done something stupid, for some reason, I kept testing this, because I found nothing in wiki regarding Lureplant give nothing. so what I have done is to test planting the lureplant everywhere, on different turf, season etc.. to see what happened. and voila! I think just before this, the server kicked me out, saying "The server not responding", and when I join back, I got like 5-10 FPS, so I was looking around to see what causing the lag! it was the Lureplants!
  4. Hello there. So I don't know how to describe this, but lately, I have been staring to Wolfgang's chest for so long, just to notice that they actually nipples ! for some reason some clothes don't show up?!
  5. Hello there. This might be not a big deal, but sometimes I'm having some missing textures with Waling Cane and Bundling Warp. - For the Bundling Warp - If I died or If I'm wearing anything rather than a backpack for a limited time, the Bundling Warp disappear from my inventory, and the way to fix this is to drop the Bundling Warp. - For the Walking Cane - This is really annoying sometimes, for some reason when I'm switching between the Cane and Torch, the Cane disappear! and the only to fix this is to drop the item or unequip.
  6. Hello there. I do not know if this is a bug, or not, so please ignore if not. Sometimes when Harvesting or killing Lureplant don't give any Leafy Meat. *I tried this while eyeplant spawn or without eyeplant spawning.
  7. I thought we will get it after 2 days! This is amazing guys, thank you so so much.
  8. UPDATE; - This seems to be solved somehow after winter patch.
  9. Hey. There are some bugged Magnificent Adornments for [Klaus, Krampus, Red and Blue Gem Deers], they don't droop their Adornments after killing them! - for Krampus, I only killed them when Klaus summon them.
  10. WHAT? the same day as pc? oh boy Thanks.
  11. - After PS4 hibernation, I always put my PS4 to sleep mode, and whenever I play for the first time this happened. (Sometimes I start playing different games, then play DST, and still happen.) - Refreshing does nothing sadly, I try even log out from the main menu and login to see if this will fix it, but still shown 0 servers.
  12. Both. Because I notice if the Browse Games screen bugged my world is bugged too and it enters endless launching server for my world! which the only option for me is to force close the application, which happened to fix this both for my world and the BG screen.
  13. Hi.. after the Halloween update 1.33 my world got bugged with an endless loop of Launching Server screen! There is no crash nor game freeze, just loop of dot dot dot under the word launching server. I noticed that Browse Games is also bugged too. Shown 0 Servers! my internet is working fine and I'm login to the game! It seems that force closing the game will fix this.
  14. - Search for a unique Moon Rock Boulder that falls during Meteor showers to discover new Celestial crafting. Thanks @CharlesB
  15. Mods next? who knows? all I know is nothing impossible, fallout 4 have it, why not us? Mods like Geometric Placement, Combined Status, Ice Fling Range Check and the most important one s/ No Thermal Stone Durability would be nice to have it on, just like the improved combat.
  16. It's seemed that The Gnaw's Chest is still active. I have 2 now from this week gift.
  17. I like it. a lot. we appreciate everything you have doing for us. Thank you. So... for the awesome improvement, I noticed a bug? with Depth Worms, when they went into the ground you lose the lock, I don't know if it was intentional or not. When you lock to any Mob and you use the inspection with R1andL1, I was hoping that you only lock to a specific Mob and you stay with him for the whole fight, it's awkward when you in a fight with spiders and you accidentally next lock to a bunny or when you lock to an item like spider egg. The Inspect and attack, they don't appear at the same time, you always have an attack option before the inspect, you need to be really close to lock to an enemy. it would be great if we are able to lock and attack from the same distance. Other than that, everything is amazing. and thank you again, Sir Charles.
  18. Don't..takes time and a lot of effort to deal with him on the second phase, especially when you solo him. Just do the Gunpowder method, thanks to you, now I know where to put the gunpowder. before I used to use the Pan Flute twice and sometimes it does work as attended. but now, It only takes one. Q: on your first video, I notice that you used your Flute until the end, why? it's easier and way cheaper to use Deconstruction Staff when the Pan Flute on 10%!! so you get Mandrake back to craft new one
  19. That's why I told you maybe it's Klaus hitbox? you put the Gunpowder on the head of Klaus so maybe the head don't count as hit register, and that's why he doesn't wake up from the fire! I want to test that for you my dude, and here what happened as I thought, the head wasn't a hitbox, so that's why on your first video, Klaus kept waking up, because you place the Gunpowder really close to him or to his hand, where on your last video, you place the Gunpowder on his head. I know it's tricky and sometimes doesn't work, therefore on your next battle try to put the Gunpowder a little far from his hand and body, and if he wakes up on you, try put him on sleep again as fast as you can.
  20. Maybe hitbox? because as or lord CharlesB said, any burning, result on waking up any boss or creature. so on your vid, the burning Gunpowder might not effect the Klaus hitbox so he didn't wake up, but the damage from the Gunpowder worked as intended. So try put the Gunpowder a little far from Klaus or as the same place from your vid, and see what happened! For me since forever when I used Gunpowder to easy kill Klaus, he always wakes up, before this update and after.. still the same, the update change nothing as I said previously.
  21. This is not a bug.. Klaus react different with Pan Flute when he go to phase2. He don't remain sleep and wake up like instantly. what I do is, and this work fine with me, is to put him to sleep than when he wake up, use the Flute again so the Gunpowder can finish him. this has been for ever, the patch or last update did noting to change how Klaus work FYI; Gunpowder has small surrounding effect.
  22. You made my day <3 I can't thank you enough..