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  1. Hmm, I just bought mine 3 minutes ago! (EU store)
  2. For me, I can login and play fine right now.
  3. Still, I can't log in instead the game let me skip the new loading text "Updating the shop" with "Inventory download failed" but the game wouldn't let me play anything after that, the public server is shown as 0 found, and I cannot launch my world nor join friends or start new one. And the daily gift bugged, it didn't show after the main menu start. + After patch 1.45, the offline trick stopped working, when I launch my world or join a public server, I got infinite "launching server". Thanks a lot guys for your hard work, not been able to play sucks, but cannot find a way to reproduce the issue sucks more! so please take your time with it and we here will help you with anything you need.
  4. Yesterday I was able to login without having any trouble. Today I wasn’t able to login, instead I’m having issues logging into the game with pop up text “Checking the weather”!
  5. Hmm, I think you guys somehow fixed it? because it's working for me! no logging issue! nothing! everything works fine.
  6. Only an infinite "Logging in..." for me, once I left my ps4 on for like an hour and come back to the same thing, No pop-ups nothing. but I'll try now and see. edit... I spend 15 minutes, nothing happened.
  7. Great news! for me at least, I was able to play the game today, Thanks to @Kala_ .. So what I did is exactly what @Kala_ said, - Turned my internet connection off from settings. - Start a world in offline mode. - Spend the day playing normally, I turned my internet back when dusk happened, waited till the game saved. - Then I quit the world, and login to onilne mode. - I was able to login and play online fine without any problems! ********************** So here comes something odd happened ( @CharlesB - @justinliew ) When I lunch my world, the first day the game didn't save? When the night end, nothing happened!? I continue playing to see what will happen the next day... the game saved normally and I was able to play again when I quit and rejoin. The other thing, When I quit, the game will not bring me back to the main menu, instead to "Play!" menu! but I was able to login again fine. The last thing, when I closed the game to see if I'm able to login again without any issues, unfortunately I wasn't able to login again, still seeing "logging...". So what you guys suggest, should we play like this or wait for a fix? and if this is fine can we purchase items from the store? #1 Edit I couldn't let myself stay away from playing, known you guys have a weekend right now, so what I did is, I was looking for something to help you guys... and I might found it? I was looking everywhere and apparently, all The Gorge item were missing from my Wardrobe? in-game when I went to change my character I can use any skins that I have but not Gorge skins even though some of them have already Gorge skin in, and when I change it to another skin, I couldn't change it back. I even can craft the Axe and shovel skin without any problems. My bad, the Weaveable filter was on #2 Edit And there is something odd, every item in my Cabinet shown as "NEW"?
  8. I don't know why this method didn't work for me! I tried like 4 accounts, none of them works! This makes me scared! If you do not mind me asking, is your game, Digital or physical?
  9. Sure, here is my KU_AQbLODYn
  10. Just tried my other account, nope for me. What I notice the first loading before the intro, my original account, takes like 1-2 minutes to finish loading and start the intro, this wasn't the case before Wortox, but when I tried my other account it's like 30 second or less. But still, when I go to play, I can't login. dunno if this will help or not.
  11. Unfortunately yes. I did what @CharlesB suggest, I even go beyond and delete the game and reinstall it. still can't login.
  12. Did you guys try to download the game from our store? maybe the issue with our regions?? because now it appears only North and South America that can play the game!
  13. The game will not load to see their KU, they need to login to Klei Account.
  14. It might be fixed for them who can purchase the Wortox through the store? We (EU/Asia/AU) who can not get the Wortox that suffer from this issue, I guess? I tried to delete the game and reinstalling, didn't do much, still can not bypass the first loading. Thanks guys for your efforts, I hope this gets fixed asap.
  15. If you don't mind me, yes we can play Offline without any issues. Apparently, we all have this problem?!
  16. Hi Sometimes I can't pick the rot when the food spoils on a drying rack. * even ashes wouldn't let me pick them up.
  17. UPDATE: I might've done something stupid, for some reason, I kept testing this, because I found nothing in wiki regarding Lureplant give nothing. so what I have done is to test planting the lureplant everywhere, on different turf, season etc.. to see what happened. and voila! I think just before this, the server kicked me out, saying "The server not responding", and when I join back, I got like 5-10 FPS, so I was looking around to see what causing the lag! it was the Lureplants!
  18. Hello there. So I don't know how to describe this, but lately, I have been staring to Wolfgang's chest for so long, just to notice that they actually nipples ! for some reason some clothes don't show up?!
  19. Hello there. This might be not a big deal, but sometimes I'm having some missing textures with Waling Cane and Bundling Warp. - For the Bundling Warp - If I died or If I'm wearing anything rather than a backpack for a limited time, the Bundling Warp disappear from my inventory, and the way to fix this is to drop the Bundling Warp. - For the Walking Cane - This is really annoying sometimes, for some reason when I'm switching between the Cane and Torch, the Cane disappear! and the only to fix this is to drop the item or unequip.