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  1. Could you check the Moon Caller too? because I think it has the same thing? maybe?
  2. I should have elaborated more, my apologies. So I think it's cave-related-bug? When you rotate the camera around the Scaled Furnace, Hmm dunno who to describe it, but it's like black flashes? Only in one way, the flashes will stop! The upper world seems fine, but I could have sworn it happened for me once?! * I might be mistaken
  3. That was fast, thanks as usual.
  4. Not only the nightmare, even some structure like the Scaled Furnace!
  5. It might be because of my transformation?
  6. Hello, during winter Moonrock Pengull don't show up, instead, Only Pengull spawn!
  7. For me, I can't plant it at all.
  8. Hey @CharlesB, there is something else, I don't know if this bug or not? but trees will always spawn on non-turf zone.
  9. Hello, recently I found something strange in my ruins. it only appears when I'm standing next to it.
  10. Hey... yeah for some reason the crops are invisible! I already post a bug report. About the Grinding Mill, when you stay near it, it will appear on your L2 options.
  11. Hello... There is something strange about the new vegetables!
  12. Hello! In Endless mode, some items spawn after a period of time, so I notice that they behave poorly! Sometimes they spawn inside different item!
  13. Hello! After exiting caves with the new Thermal Stone skin, it goes back to the old skin!
  14. Hello, Before Wortox update I was able to use the O button to teleport me (If i'm not mistaken!) away as well as Mobs but lately, I notice that I can't use it on me! the only way to teleport me is by going to the item it's self to use it! like this pic...
  15. Howdy, I'm having an issue with placing turf next or near a Pond or Oasis lake! it's just always one turf that refuses to be placed.
  16. Ever time we have an update, the Official Servers goes offline, I'm sure @CharlesB will back them up asap.
  17. Hello. After the last patch [147], all the items name in-game don't show up!