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  1. Hi... One of my Vitreoasis is missing the rock around it. You can even walk or stay above the moon structure, sadly I didn't try to mine it.
  2. Thanks. Edit: So just no one get confused, your Streaming & Login gift will be as in-game open gift ;). Note to devs, can we please get a fix for the Item Collection? It's still buggy and you need to wait for the Recent Discoveries to load or you will get an error entering the item collection and sometimes you will get all your characters wiped out from their equipped skin and back to default! ty.
  3. You are totally right! I was using DOWN instead of X to drop!
  4. Just to make it clear, this bug only happened on DS not DST.
  5. Wrong section buddy... but don't worry this issue is known by the developers.
  6. Hello, I do not know if this is a bug or not, I'm not familiar with the new update, but when I use the Skyworthy on RoG to travel to SW and then when I destroy the Seaworthy to place it in a different location and then use it to go back to RoG, the game will put me on a new world! When I used the old one thought, It worked as expected. Just when I try to move it to another place and rebuild it, the game will give me different world then mine. Thanks.. and sorry if this is intended. P.S I'm playing on new world.
  7. If you don't mind, off-topic question: - Do your Poison Birchnut Tree or Birchnutter has any sound in your world? If no, maybe the tree its self is bugged?
  8. This one will be fixed in the next update as they already addressed this on the PC section.
  9. I'm afraid these changes didn't apply to the console update? They still have the old recipe! Edit: Apparently just the BatBat that hasn't been changed.
  10. Sadly, this might be a random issue for you and your friend. However the seaweeds are renewable, so no worries! edit: From your second pic, there still a chance you will find more on your unexplored area!
  11. Hi! Before the new update 1.84 (Troubled Water) the houndius were able to hit the enemies from a decent range, but not anymore. (Sorry for the YT link, none of the gifs web works ) Here I was able to kill the Clockworks easily before 1.84, but now it seemed like they are far away from the range of the houndius! Thanks.
  12. You can't burn an item inside your inventory! Though you only can cook via Willow, Warly and the new boy Walter.
  13. It needs to be updated to the last patch, surely it will be back soon.
  14. Hello there, This is how the game work on console. When you hit the Big Tentacle the game will switch to the near/new mobs next to you. You have 3 ways to deal with this; 1- By killing all the near baby tentacles, to make a way to fight the big one. 2- Using 5 gunpowder will immediately kill the Big Tentacle. 3- Turing on the Lock-On Target by pressing L3, so it will stay only on the Big Tentacle. I hope this will fix your problem.
  15. Sadly sometimes you can't dig up turfs or burrow if they are near/under something. However, If you need to remove it, you need to put 1 gunpowder near Moleworm burrow to destroy it. Here is an example; Hope this will help you out
  16. He is really annoying to fight. everything in the sea is really tough to deal with using the controller! for now, I'll not do anything related to the sea, hoping in their upcoming update, they will release small boats just like SW. And yes, he crashes for me too.
  17. This thing is beyond perfection! Thanks.
  18. I test this after (160) update, which was the same patch note for the PC update (371739), but missing the Mushroom Lights buff for console patch note, hence I asked if the buff was in, because I see no differences on the spoilage time, they used to last 17-19 days before the 160, and they do the same after 160. And to be frank, I only test this during the Halloween update! I do not know now if they act the same still or not, but I'll try doing it one more time to see if they last longer or not.
  19. Thanks. I was going to ask an old question, but every update I said, maybe the next one, they will implement the buff for Mushlights and glowcap. So here I'm again, is this will be an exclusive thing for PC? or will we get it too? Are we getting this as well in the future? Stay safe Klei <3
  20. Hello. During dusk or night, mostly dusk, the land near water become colored!
  21. They are the Elite Pigs of the YOPK. - Thanks a lot for the amazing and same-day update. Much love for you guys.
  22. Could you please explain more? What does this mean? Thanks.