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  1. 10 hours ago, CharlesB said:

    There shouldn't be any difference between PC and console, the mushlight/glowcap code is the same.
    Are you sure that the behaviour is different between the 2? If it is then it's a bug.

    I test this after (160) update, which was the same patch note for the PC update (371739), but missing the Mushroom Lights buff for console patch note, hence I asked if the buff was in, because I see no differences on the spoilage time, they used to last 17-19 days before the 160, and they do the same after 160.

    And to be frank, I only test this during the Halloween update! I do not know now if they act the same still or not, but I'll try doing it one more time to see if they last longer or not.


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  2. Thanks.

    I was going to ask an old question, but every update I said, maybe the next one, they will implement the buff for Mushlights and glowcap. So here I'm again, is this will be an exclusive thing for PC? or will we get it too?

    On 11/13/2019 at 3:54 AM, Mj- said:

    Thanks! Quick question...

    On 10/3/2019 at 7:39 PM, Jason said:


    • Glowcap and Mushlight now last twice as long as before.

    Are we getting this as well in the future?

    Stay safe Klei <3

  3. 52 minutes ago, bizziboi said:

    Thanks - Yes, we are aware of it, and I was looking into a fix for it, but the crash issue came up so I got distracted. Due to the holidays the fix for the issue you mentioned will likely be delayed until sometime after the holidays.

    No worries at all. It's really nothing to bother me, just want to let you all know. By the way happy holidays to you all at Klei, I hope you are having a wonderful and joyful break :)

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  4. Thanks, ones again for bringing the update live on all platforms on the same day! that's mean a lot for us as console players.


    Just a small thing though, every time the game startup and load the main menu, the game drops lots of frames and you can't open a gift or move around for like 1 minute, nothing huge but just saying.

    Thanks again Klei <3

    Still no Glowcap/Mushlight buff yet? feelsbadman :(

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  5. Sorry for bringing this up again!

    But I still didn't find any Sketches in my world! and I'm afraid it's bugged? like the Halloween event with the trinkets? I'll try to play on a public server and spend my time looking for them to see! if this only my world or for everyone. 

    - Please if you got them on your world tell us here... this will be easier for me to know if this a general bug or something else.

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  6. 13 hours ago, Rogueagent01 said:

    Same here, my older worlds have none showing up, though on one of my more recently created worlds it does have them.

    My guess, this will be fixed in the next update as this is already patched on Steam...

    On 10/31/2019 at 12:47 AM, ScottHansen said:

    Hallowed Nights Trinkets: Worlds with 15 or fewer Hallowed Nights Trinkets will get retrofitted with a new set of trinkets. This is to support worlds that took part in Hallowed Nights in 2018. As a side effect, all worlds will get the retrofitting if it meets the above criteria.


    2 hours ago, Misa22 said:

    I don't know if this goes here or in the bug tracker, but since the update Dedicated Servers are gone on ps4. 

    Is this normal?

    Actually it was missing even before Wurt update! @CharlesB Help!


    And about the Wurt and PS store issue. .. It happened with Wortox. Exact same thing. You guys will have to wait until Thursday, most likely. 

    I weaved her since i had a ton of spools :wilson_ecstatic:

    It's sucks that I cant play her x( but no harm in waiting, hope it will not take as Wortox tho!

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  8. 17 minutes ago, CharlesB said:

    @mzajy Can you only see those 3 bundles now? All the others (Woodie, Warly, Willow, etc) should still be there as well

    From the day the shop was introduced, every bundle I bought disappear from the shop afterward! only these 3 remained.


    There is something else I would like to mention, I can't use the filter anymore! the cross will not reach it for some reason!

    6 minutes ago, CharlesB said:

    Did you try shutting down and restarting the game. It only checks for available purchases once on startup. We tested and are seeing the bundles in the store here.

    Yes, I did try that, and nothing happened.


    11 minutes ago, CharlesB said:

    Do you have a PSN account from the americas or the EU?

    EU ... KU_AQbLODYn

  10. Thanks for the update

    6 minutes ago, JanH said:
    • The Complete Hallowed Nights Chest, for $19.99.
    • The Wurt Deluxe Chest is $9.99 and includes the Guest of Honor, Triumphant and Abyssal skin sets.

    None of these are available in the shop!

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  11. Sorry for bringing this up, but I have a question with...

    On 5/13/2019 at 9:23 PM, JanH said:

    - Unlocked Kingly, Queenly, and Pawn Figure Sketches will now be properly included in Tumbleweed drop tables.


    Has anyone found these in Tumbleweeds? since this update, I was opening Tumbleweed regularly and without any luck!! I tried wiki, looking for answers but without any luck.

    - Do they have Trinkets? the same as Knight and  Rook? or just Sketch? and what is the drop chance? sure they have a really low number if this is the case!! because I only get the Shadow Pieces, like a lot!


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  12. 1 minute ago, Rachel949 said:

    Has anyone else noticed when growing the toma root, garlic, potato, or onion they do not appear on top of the leaves of the crops?  But when you pick them, they show up in your inventory.  

    Also, has anyone figured out how to use the portable grinding mill?  I am only able to dismantle or inspect it.  I try to put all the new vegetables in the mill and there is no option to do so.  There is no option to push the x button; only the circle and triangle buttons.

    Hey... yeah for some reason the crops are invisible! I already post a bug report.

    About the Grinding Mill, when you stay near it, it will appear on your L2 options. 

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