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  1. Indeed, I was just about to log this after my other bug report -- reloading a few saves is enough to make my system quite unhappy with everything else I have running.
  2. I recently had a duplicate that died from suffocation, when it had a valid path to exit. I tried manual movement, clearing additional potential barriers, and even rebuilding part of the ladder for the dupe to escape. However, it still remained in the same place until it died. It would not even path a single block away. However, the duplicate was not stuck "in the floor" like a number of other bugs I have found on the forum. I have attached the entire gamefile set. NOTE: Reloading an autosave from the point right before the duplicate simply stopped responding to all commands did not have the same effect, although I made it even harder than the original scenario the "trapped" duplicate faced; reattempting the same scenario afterwards, the duplicate responded to commands and even worked to save itself, and suffocation did not occur, and was not repeatable. NOTE: I have included the save files; however, I had already restarted the game, and destroyed the output logs. I will keep attempting to recreate the issue, and will update this post if I figure it out. DeathFromSuffocation.zip
  3. The API is used for your code to talk to the code that powers basic functionalities in Don't Starve. It is the code that was written by Klei Entertainment which you can reference to make your mod affect behaviors, actions, etc within the game. This isn't exactly a correct definition, but it is close enough for what you're asking. From the API files I am looking at in order to start learning their code: ----------------------------------- -- Cookpot recipes -- -- AddIngredientValues({"item"}, {"tag"=value}) -- Lets the game know the "worth" of an item. You can supply a list of -- items in the first parameter if they will all have the same values. -- -- Each tag is a particular "kind" of thing that a recipe might require -- (i.e. meat, veggie) and the value is how much of that kind your item is -- worth. -- -- See cooking.lua for examples. -- -- AddCookerRecipe("cooker", recipe) -- Adds the recipe for that kind of cooker. In the base game the only -- cooker is "cookpot". -- -- See preparedfoods.lua for recipe examples. -- ----------------------------------- -- Give flowers some cooking value. We made up a new "kind" of food, called flower. AddIngredientValues({"petals", "petals_evil"}, {flower=1}) The API call that your mod could use in this instance is the AddIngredientValues() method or the AddCookerRecipe() method. I can't really give you any better explanation than their documentation already provides, as I am just now looking over their modding forums -- however, if you have further questions, hopefully myself or someone else will be able to assist you. Sadly, it doesn't look as if a lot of people are helpful on the forums. I will check them as I have time and see updates or responses to my post. Best of Luck, Paul