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  1. Maybe it has been already said, and i’m sorry if that happened but i must have missed that, are Skins from the previous winter feast (like the snowy versions of the critters) back aswell?
  2. I joined very late, I played like 2 days and today when I joined I was like D: Eh i have never reached the Boarrior, I just hope the Forge will be back as soon as possible, I met very nice people (they were either noobs like me so i felt accepted, but i also encountered a level 33 that teached all of us noobs how to play) I really enjoyed it even if I played for such a short time!
  3. Oh, well, actually i haven’t really “fixed” anything... My general internet performance was bad so i changed my connection to, I don’t really know how to tell this in English..., a fiber one? I mean we bought a new router and a new contract and it changed everything, the internet performance improved in general and now i can i play dst again. However it still remains a mistery why my dst behaved like that, always kicking me and only after a few seconds after passing the portal. I had to change the internet type either way, so i don’t really know how to fix this problem with another method, since i still don’t understand what caused it, maybe the internet connection, or who knows.... Sorry i couldn’t help!
  4. Ok, i fixed my connection problems and now don’t starve together works too! Thanks for helping Zillvr, everything should work now!
  5. Aw this sucks, well still thanks for trying to help me and spending your time. Actually at the moment i’m having problem with my router, when it will be fixed i will write an update, hoping that all these problems were router’s fault (i don’t really believe that tho...)
  6. Yeah is that symbol! Tried closing every program i had opened (just skype) and the problem still occurs (lol if it was skype's fault i would be quite shocked), i tried turning off the antivirus again and still nothing... I added another client log if you need it client_log.txt
  7. Eh i think i misspoke before, when i "get stuck" i do effectively lose the connection, since i get the empty square with a line in the middle and i can't move and neither chat, what i was saying before is that the server doesn't kick me and i have to disconnect manually, but since i have never experience these problems before, i don't know if the server is supposed to automatically kick me when i lose the connection or if i would remain forever in the server, being unable to do anything. I have no clients mod enabled (but i did have them enabled in the past and they didn't cause these problems) I joined different servers, with or without mods, dedicated or not and i still encountered the same problem, however when hosting my server i didn't get this problem (i should also mention that in one server i checked the TAB button and the game said that my connection was either Ok or good, and the ping when i joined was 82, in other servers it was kinda the same) I think the misunderestandig before might have been caused by my poor english, i'm trying my best to write, sorry
  8. My ping was around 82 or something like that, and also my connection is not that bad XD, i mean i’m able to play other online games, and the only one since now that is giving me problem is don’t starve together, and as said before, like last winter I could play it without these problems... Also maybe i should precise that the disconnect happens when i press the disconnect button after i’m stuck for like minutes and I don’t know what else to do, i mean the server until now never kicked me, maybe if I wait more time it will do it, never tried... Also what hassle? you are trying to help me! Do you still need another client log?
  9. Hello there, i have a problem about connecting to the servers. I can join the server, chat and choose the character, but when i travel across the portal, i can still chat for a little bit but as soon as i move like 1 meter around i get the no signal connection and i get stuck, being no longer able to chat or move. I can play no problem with any other online game, and i tried turning off the antivirus but i kept experiencing the same problem, i also tried verifying in game cache but nothing, what is weird is that like last winter i used to play and i didn't have these kind of problems (i mean sometimes i experienced lag because my connection is not the best but i could still play), but now that i decided to try and play again i get this problem, and i don't know how to solve it, can someone help me? I posted my client log here in case is needed. Sorry for bad english and thanks in advance!
  10. Yeah but for example I enjoyed Winter fest more and even now that many contents from Winter fest disappeared i still like it more than Against the Grain...
  11. Maybe i'm the only one but this update to me looks kinda meh... I don't know... The pond gives you only trinkets and blueprint for the goggles; the goggles only use is to travel to the antlion that after all is just a pig king that gives you materials to craft the teleportator and needs to be calmed down... Succulents are kinda useless, and boulders in the caves are just a way to extend the antlion rage underground, with the mechanic of carrying them useless too... And about the emotes i don't see anything special, they are funny but they are really a minor thing... I'm not saying that this is a bad update, I like the Teleportator for example, but i expected more from Against the grain: new mobs, a new boss, new weapons and items, basically i wanted some new rewards for the player, and beside the teleportator there isn't much left...
  12. Wait, does this mean that after the event we can't no longer adopt the regular giblet? Also i guess Rooslet can only be found in the event, so if I don't get a rooslet in time i will never be able to adopt a giblet and neither a rooslet? D:
  13. Oh ok now i get it, uff i really wanted some winter pets... whatever thanks for your help mochilo
  14. Excluding the 4 winter skins that everyone got, winter skins that could be found like the artic vargling, can't no longer be found or you can still find them in the game now that winter feast is gone? If they can't no longer be found, you can keep them or they are gone with the winter feast?