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  1. Yes! That is exactly what happens to me! I have a new reign too.
  2. I noticed this during one of my skin drops. I got a common, purple lumberjack shirt, or the muddy shoes tan steel-toed boots (can't remember), and decided to wear it. I was wearing other skin items too at the time. But while changing to the new item, I noticed the rest of the items I wore got reset to default. Now I was wearing only the new item. Also when using the wardrobe, something similar happened. Let's say the character is wearing a shirt only. I then use the wardrobe to add some shoes, pants and gloves. Without changing the shirt at all, the character comes out of the closet with the new clothes I selected for them, but the shirt is set to default. In other words, the only skin that remains unchanged in the wardrobe will be set to default.
  3. When spring was over and summer was beginning, I noticed that some of the bees still remained red in colour. They didn't behave like killer bees, (they were just like normal bees) and they were named as normal bees when examining them. There was a Goose attacking some bees and some hives during spring. The hives were destroyed. I didn't stay to witness the whole battle, but I don't think any bees survived the attack. I'm not even sure if that was the cause.
  4. I'm not sure if it's supposed to happen, but whenever a spider queen emerges, a spider nest is not left behind. In other words, spider nests can't reproduce.
  5. ariel goes heyo.pngOhthehumanityplz, here!

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