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  1. If nothing has changed since launch testing then it can still grow in liquids.
  2. The lack of this feature is what made me not want to farm gassy moos. Not sure why only biological cargo bay needs to be manually emptied.
  3. Huge late game problem that I've noticed since MK2 is that dupes make decisions in real time, making playing on 3x speed actually terrible for productivity when they spend the same amount of real time pondering. When you pause the game you can see them transition from pondering to a task. Also dupes travelling across the map to pick up something only to drop it on the floor where they picked it up because their job suddenly changed for some reason is inexcusable.
  4. Think of it as about 1/8 uptime * 1/5 happiness for coal and 7/8 uptime for egg laying for 1/8 cycle of labor, so way better more feed to meat ratio. No other critter can achieve that as simply as this.
  5. Depends on what you're looking for. This is my no brain required setup that hasn't changed for hundreds of cycles (dropoff not needed obviously). With some +7 ranchers it seems to stabilize at around 35-40 hatches which is roughly about 1000 kcal of meat and .4 kg of egg shell per cycle. With this small space you get high quality food costing 1/8 of your rancher's cycle (with about 1/8 efficiency loss), and you are spared any additional costs in space, wrangling, or mechatronics which you can add later anyway. 40 cramped hatches also produce 8 hatches worth of coal. I think optimal size is actually a 3 W x 4 H room since bigger floor = more critter travel time.
  6. Thanks for confirming. If this is due to that mechanic then it's even more cryptic than the 50% mass loss.
  7. So you know how if you dig a tile below sand the sand will fall and your dupe will continue digging that same tile until there's no more sand that can fall? Well right now if you do this you will outright lose a lot of your sand (not sure about other materials). Try it with any block of sand: dig only the bottom tile and see if the quantity adds up after you dig the entire column. I've seen huge mass deficits from digging this way.
  8. TBH they've probably been kicking themselves for committing to a July release. There are still questionable mechanics that will be difficult to change after release without creating a PR disaster.
  9. I totally agree with this which is why I've been against that RNG asteroid trait bs. ATM if you want "featured" gold amalgam you'd have to not only roll the geodes trait but roll a gold amalgam geode as well. Even if someone wanted to mod in a refined gold trait they'd still have to waste time rolling it. Unfortunate. It would be less of an issue if there was more modular choice.
  10. Bathroom Loop

    This is interesting. Maybe they actually made dupes "output" at body temp? It would be a pretty sensible change and the only real explanation other than hot sand / hot ambience.
  11. Lack of gold amalgam can be designed around. You really don't need steel to make hot facilities work for a very long time. For this the alternatives are plentiful and creative. On the other hand the alternative to oxylite is to just... ranch pufts. That's your only option. I don't think people care as much about how much pufts output as they care about how much of a PITA ranching certain critters can be and puft ranching is still in an atrocious state. This side of it feels much more restrictive to gameplay since it funnels you into a potentially frustrating mechanic as the sole option. For supercoolant at least there's a decent chance to roll a destination with gold. The puny rocket rewards are a different can of worms though.
  12. Would be really nice but I believe by design Klei insists that buildings such as terrarium and ice maker can't be fully automated.
  13. Whatever they change it's going to have to be before or by release if they don't want to look bad. Imagine a new player's base getting upended by "features" not changed since earliest of alpha being patched out.
  14. Would be nice if they were to address these but changing any of these after release is going to piss people off. Screwing bases by patching after a stable release is going to be a bad look if they go down that route. Of course I am making assumptions as well but all of those have been around since the beginning, and they've had 2-3 years to consider these mechanics yet they'd sooner rename a building twice. It's arguable that nuking peoples' bases even shortly after release will be more detrimental than not touching these mechanics unless they do so while adding large amounts of new content.
  15. There are still a few borderline mechanics that somewhat obsolete their alternatives that devs haven't considered to be detrimental going into launch. - CO2 food storage - PH2O bottle offgassing - liquid locks Diagonal access looks like it was meant to be an intended anti-frustration feature than anything else. I'd say compared to the above mechanics it's at least unique and helps compact otherwise unnecessarily bulk in your designs. Changing any of these after launch would be majorly disruptive so we'll see how they want this to play out in a few days.