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  1. LMAO nah nothing that could be used to threaten employment, and even if they tried it wouldn't outweigh the effort and risk of actually trying to blackmail by a long shot. It's more about the principle of who could access any data period.
  2. There's also this explanation, if you want something quick.
  3. Only need 21% of recent reviews to be negative to be branded with the Mostly Positive rating. Going from Overwhelmingly Positive to Mostly Positive is probably the equivalent of going from 5-star to 2-star rating on Yelp, and we know how things often go for places with 2 stars . On the other hand, although their PR in the west will suffer, they won't be financially ruined because Tencent has some deep pockets and the Chinese market is extremely lucrative. ...unless something like this were to happen, who knows. Klei will likely need to keep its games from being dragged down by Tencent to avoid this but the outcome seems less likely to favor the western market, to say the least. Edit: Oh btw the expansion doesn't have the positive review buffer that the base game has.
  4. 你真承认了表里如一!那我看咱俩都说废话。你不张嘴随其实你便,就算胡说八道也可以。 有权发表自己的观点的能力是很好。西方人可以随便批评自己的国家,可是你练天安门的事件都不敢提。你不懂历史的话,那别人怎么能把你当回事那?那么看你更没有资格批评国外的想法。光会说单方的偏见就更没有信誉。至少承认双方都有问题在张嘴才会有效果。 应该再复习几个单词: censorship - 审查制度 hypocrisy - 虚伪的 Yeah Google Translate is hilarious with slang. Apparently 尿性 (literally urine sex) is regional, satirical slang for temperament, nature, capability, etc krypton = freemium Stuff referring to "gold" I believe is also some offset of slang about freemium models. And then we have the classic "Famine".
  5. 给你几个很有用的词。最好懂事以后再张嘴。 bias - 偏压 assumption - 假设 censorship - 审查制度 hypocrisy - 虚伪的 double standard - 双重标准 一九八九年的天安门事件听没听说过?如果知道的话,请解释那时候发生了什么事。
  6. Everyone criticizes the wrongdoings of the rest of the world: nobody bats and eye. A few people criticize the wrongdoings of the CCP: DST_LSJ loses his mind. 你以为谁是个伪君子?
  7. Oh really? I have this feeling that you're not in a position to preach arrogance if you don't understand the difference between challenged and banned.
  8. Glad we're on the same page that other threats are not impossible. I'm willing to bet that watching me jerk it would be one of the last things they'd want lmao.
  9. Maybe you're being facetious, but if that was guaranteed to be the only potential threat then I wouldn't give two hoots.
  10. hey man sorry if ive been a bit annoying about the whole tencent situation 

    im just really biased towards klei because there a great company and i don't think they took this deal with bad intention

    1. BaloneyOs


      There's no need to apologize since free speech is allowed on these forums, and I don't think you were necessarily being offensive anyways. You're entitled to state your opinions as much as anyone else.

      Believe it or not I too am very biased towards Klei partly because ONI is one of my favorite builder games of all time. Was extremely sad to see this happen but there's no sense in turning a blind eye to the objective problems that come with being actually owned by Tencent.

      I think white knighting for Klei in the face of what's happening is the opposite of convincing because it's all bias. The fact that Tencent is what it is doesn't care about bias unfortunately.

  11. It might come down to the luxury of having an offline PC. That way can enjoy the game without worrying about any ongoing data transfers. I've also heard people bring up running the games on a virtual machine. The solutions are there, but there's no doubt that you'd have to jump through some hoops to negate the risks brought about by Tencent's involvement.
  12. If you don't think your ambiguous wording is susceptible to being misinterpreted then you do you, big man.
  13. Then you can expect to continue being misinterpreted. I personally have nothing against that nor your speaking style.
  14. What you said was very, very open to interpretation and your obvious bias contributes to that even more. Maybe you should've just said what you meant from the beginning.