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  1. My game Crash when i craft the scythe
  2. Can you edit the post and put what you mods have?? How i can know .-. but great idea
  3. Need someone to helpme make a new item /char

  4. make a version without the sanity loss.... it's so anoying have a pet spider when you CANT KILL OTHERS SPIDERS WITHOUT LOSS 5 SANITY! .-.
  5. Can you add an option to get more grass and twigs for each plant? like:Harvest 1 grass turf = 2/3/1 cut grass
  6. Very good,especialy the rundown house,this should be added to normal don't starve! keep your good work,see ya!
  7. Hey man,can you make a lucario character? High attack/life and medium stomach?
  8. Hey man,can you make a lucario character?? With high health/attack and medium stomach?
  9. Great idea! Now i can do some cool things hehehe Wait for me PIGS!