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  1. I appreciate that i was given the cold shoulder. I definitely deserved it for asking something that would make my day, and wouldn't affect you. Heck, thanks for not giving two ****s about my bug report either. Why the **** am i even reporting it if you dont care.
  2. This has been an issue in the past, and im not happy its back. People shouldn't have 7 athletics and then be anemic. Only those negative traits should appear, that dont take away from their starting attributes. If a dupe starts with attribute points in a skill (lets say, strength), PLEASE, make that dupe immune to the negative trait that takes away from that same attribute, noodle arms, in this case. Its stupid, doesn't serve a purpose, and should be abolished.
  3. Either bring back the old job system, or make the morale requirements only apply to the highest tier of skill. I liked the jobs board. I liked the hats. I ESPECIALLY liked that i was able to max out every dupe's tree. I understand you dont like to do that, and i respect your opinion as long as you respect mine, BUT. This new change didn't affect your playstyle at ALL, and ruined mine. There's no reason to do that. I feel satisfied, after having maxed out my dupes. At the beginning, you STILL have to specialize them, that hasn't changed. I did that too, before, and now, you're still doing it. This only changed the lategame, and only for me. You are still choosing not to max them out, but now I'm FORCED to not be able to max them out. Its not like it made the game 'any easier', since it took like 1500 cycles to do, WHICH, FOR THE RECORD, is something im totally fine with. I have 2300 cycles on my last base, and i haven't even started spaceflight, because i was perfectly content min-maxing my already existing setups instead. At that point, 1500 or 2300 cycles into the game, having maxed out dupes, does NOT make the game easier. I already have everything set up, the game is already easy, in terms of survival elements, having maxed out dupes wont make it easier, but it will make me feel nice. As i said, this didn't affect those who didn't like maxing out, but it severely affected me, and i dont see no reason to have this change, just to spite me. Also, the jobs board and hats were cool. Actually training them in their fields felt better than them doing ANYthing, and being able to skill up ANYthing. Its 2019, dopamine is ******* rare, and please dont deny me my little happy hormones, im miserable enough without it.
  4. Pedestal isn't slimy enough

    While not a bug, i fully endorse this change
  5. I set the criteria on the feeder, but it forgets it, and every 2nd click on a tickbox seemingly removes the all of the criteria, it says that filters not set, every 2nd time i click on a tick box, then next click it works, then next click it breaks again, and it also forgets the settings i put on it. Please fix