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  1. hahahha! The lazy lezard is hard to break! (i saw the exception for "veg.nonperish" in line 276 in that file, and multiplied the value x5! It works great!) Thankx! (Great mod overall! Love it!)
  2. Sorry to bother again, but i have a hard time finding the value for "longevity" for wheat (the number of days before rotting happens). Where can i modify that on you code? (it could be a bug because i see "nonperish=true" for the wheat in v1.1.1 in ca_vegs.lua) On my SW game, wheat (not-cooked) has a longevity of 20 days it seems (that i can't see with the mod "DisplayFoodValues v2.0"; very strange!) and a green color (like other food items) now (and that is why i can put it in the fridge/freezer now. before it was like an item, with a brown color and no longevity). The mystery is real!
  3. Hooo i see. This was intentional. I had the wrong idea about that! (i miss-read the code, the farms coding was below that!) Ho, there is 3 new recipes too! héhéhé
  4. So i tested the "randomisation" for the crops (adjusting "weight" for each crops in the code). It seems that it only works for the new farming system (with the Hoe): The weighted randomisation is good there (i tried a 50% wheat chance, and had 11/20 wheat-crops total without problem ). I have tested with a 2/3 wheat ration (weight / total weight) to be sure with many farms & yields, but when using normal farms (with Hoe enable or not) the randomisation doesn't work. iI seems that each crops chance is the same equal % (there was 1 or 2 wheats on 20 crops). I think there is a bug there. I see that wheat can be stocked in "fridge" & "freezer" now ("additonnal structures" mod). Very nice! (and has a rot limit date too. I was fan of the "no limit date" for wheat grain, but oh well... i will make it 100 days maybe lol) Thanks for all! signed: The foreign code tester. lol
  5. By "new farming" i wanted to say "the new farming system without usual farm plots". Ha yes, i see it! (simple & useful!). I have also tested all veggies in SW and it is working (with the new farming system) with the new version 1.1.0. (i don't know for the actual chances for orange carrot and vanilla seeds; haven't got any in 30 crops, but carrot-seeds have worked; got 1 watermelon though) But i saw 2 bugs: for "durian seeds" (it can't be planted with the new system) and "dragon fruit seeds" (it can be planted in a fertilized dirt -pile, but doing so erase the dirt-pile entirely ). i guess you will have to try the others one by one.... Bye!
  6. Thankx for this great mod! (i was waiting for a "crops mod" with wheat & a bread recipe, and more funny veggies... but less complicated than "waiter 101"! My wish has been granted! ) Love the integration with the "standard farms"; (and a more daring farming freestyle!) Can you make your mod compatible with the popular "Craft Pot" in the next version? (your recipes appears blank with no info in that) * I am a shipwrecked DLC player only; And i have modified your coding with "normal farms" (your new farming method doesn't seems to produce all the SW veggies [like watermelon, carrot, sweet-potatoe; durian/dragon fruit?], and the grounds are not the same as the other versions too) with a little twist: - 25% chance for crops to yield wheat (for extensive wheat-recipes use! ) [could be configurable in the option of the mod] - 75% chance for a carrot/corn/eggplant/watermelon/sweet_potatoe to yield the new veggies/fruits. (80% of the total variety for crops) That way, i can easily tune the "wheat presence" in crops... and the "boring" veggies/fruits (like carrot/sweet-potatoes that don't have specific recipe in the CP for them) are not totally replaced (for variety/fun) but have a big chance to "transform" into something better! hihihi! Maybe my ideas will be of use to you! (Ô mighty creator of Mod! your coding is very clean btw! )
  7. Doesn't seem to work in Shipwrecked (HSH update) or ROG. ("compatible shipwrecked" mode) or it is just me? (i used "too many items" mod to make/find rain & advance in time etc...) I never saw any ferns whatsoever. It is a good little idea though! The ferns are marsh-colored so it is well-blended! (and edible for 1 health i guess! lol)
  8. Same here! Anyone has a solution? (i can't use an older version because they haven't the throttle options, it make the game quicker on my slow PC)
  9. ThanX a lot for this! I have been waiting a long time for a SW compatible "all icons" in the map/MiniMap! My dream came true! (Dogfish, Bioluminescence, Jellyfish, Water Buffalos map icons... OH YEEEEAH!) You have included "Gold Rocks" & "Magma Gold Piles" differences too! You're the best! *ClapClapClap!*
  10. Thanx a lot for this mod! Keep the good work! (I am a SW player, and i haven't seen another compatible mod like that! Very configurable too! ) I noted that the "swordfish" icon is a little too tiny (and less "cartoony" but it is a detail); Mainly because there are dangerous to pass by, and must be visible to "large scale eye search" on the map (to think of going here and make or not a cutlass supreme). I always must zoom to see this icon etc... Unless i missed something, can you include "water Buffalo" icons for your future update? (it's very useful in the game!) Another thing: The game doesn't distinguish between "Gold Rock" and "Flint Rock" (same icon of Flint Rock) on the map... i find this very annoying (they made a "No-Flint-Rock" and an icon for it.... but not for Gold Rock?! Come on!); There are "Dark-Grey Flint Rock" too in the game, but i don't remember their specificity (more Nitre in it i think)... Same thing for "magma pile" (there are "Gold Magma pile" with bits of gold on it) here . So i think it is a good idea to include an option in your mod to distinguish "Rocks" (and magma pile) with gold on the map (it doesn't crowd the map too much because there is already a basic rock icon for that... but not useful to search for gold). Thank again! Bye!