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  1. With the A new age updates , Will there be any changes to the worldgenoveride.lua file ?
  2. nope failed to work at all I tried only commenting out the nightmare string and the modoverides file failed to load edit , it seems that haveing the config options in my mod overrides at all for this mod borkes up everything even with out any changes .
  3. I am having trouble making overrides to the Twitch Plays mod I wish to disable nightmare ' and tweek the voting and the cooldowns on my dedicated server , but it's not working. I copied the configuration options over and tried to put the settings I wished for in but it's failing and causing all mods to be disabled. here are the configuration options form the mod info file, it seems not to have a list of options for each thing to vote for , most other mods I have not had a problem with this, so I am a little confused configuration_options = { { name = "bar_size", label = "Action Bar Size", options = bar_size_options, default = 6, }, { name = "vote_period", label = "Vote Period (per Player)", options = vote_period_options, default = 30, }, } local function AddAction(name, votes, cooldown) configuration_options[#configuration_options + 1] = { name = name.."_votes", label = "!", options = vote_options, default = votes, } configuration_options[#configuration_options + 1] = { name = name.."_cooldown", label = "!"" Cooldown", options = cooldown_options, default = cooldown, } end AddAction("biggie", 5, 60) AddAction("butterfingers", 5, 60) AddAction("frograin", 10, 90) AddAction("nightmare", 10, 90) AddAction("skyfall", 10, 60) AddAction("smalls", 5, 60) I have tried ["nightmare"] = {"off"}, ["butterfingers"] = {"15, 120"}, ["frograin"] = {"15, 90"}, and ["nightmare"] = {"0 , 0"}, ["butterfingers"] = {"15, 120"}, ["frograin"] = {"15, 90"}, and ["nightmare"] = {"0", "0"}, ["butterfingers"] = {"15", "120"}, ["frograin"] = {"15", "90"},
  4. changeing regrowth did not fix the problem - and all mods are disabled still it should not be loading any.
  5. I also can not load a cave world as well, I disabled all of my mods ( yet it's trying to load one ) my log file
  6. My server is no loner showing in the list, I found this in the log [Steam] SteamGameServer_Init(8768, 11000, 27018) [S_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; SteamAPI_IsSteamRunning() failed. Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 322330 [Steam] SteamGameServer_Init success
  7. are you logged in to Steam and your Klei account ? There is a little account button on the lower right of the game window click that to see if you are logged in.
  8. if this is in the Linux shell you can try this cmd from your steamcmd folder ./ +login anonymous +force_install_dir /home/dst/server_dst +app_update 343050 +quit Be sure that you have shut down the servers with ctrl C before doing so and restart them after. according to your logs - it looks like they are properly connected to each other , so you may also want to verify the integrity of your install as well you can do that by right clicking on the game in your library > properties > local files > VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE... doing that will force any updates needed ( or at least it should)
  9. How much memory do you have installed?
  10. This has happened to me on my own server , and seems to have to do with the shard configuration mod being misconfigured , I fixed it by reconfiguring it , then regening my worlds.
  11. I think that's what I used to get it up and going. on a slightly related note , since a few of the console commands have change since the wiki was last updated , could you post a full list - I can try and spend some time updating it.
  12. It needs to be in the /MyDediServer folder one KU number per line, it seems to work for me.
  13. @ToNiO55 , I think that I managed to get all the files into the right locations , but I am still receiving an error about the token despite gening a new one and moving it over tho the box as well as having it pasted into the cluster.ini . also this is being spit out when I know that I have permission to write to those folders