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  1. Hello, my server is resetting if the last person that was playing dies and leave the server before the counter reaches 0. It was supoosed to pause because I have the variable pause_when_empty on cluster.ini set to true, but the world is regenerating. How can I change that? The server is hosted by Citadel Servers.
  2. This has been a bug for about two years and I have never seen they mention they would try to fix this.
  3. You mean the fact that they stop spawning after second winter? I am still waiting for them to fix it too.
  4. @CharlesB do you have any idea about when you are going to fix this? Pengulls spawning mechanichs has been broken for a long least for the past 8 months... They stop spawning after second winter. They don´t even go back to their nest after second winter. so you won´t see any pengull after that.