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  1. I'd love if there was a more direct way to choose whether or not you'd want Grass Tufts or Grass Gekkos, Saplings or Twiggy Trees and Berry Bushes or Juicy Berry Bushes. Just essentially splitting the current resource variety setting into 3 specific settings.
  2. A 4th Material for Statues like a nice orange Thulecite would be amazing as well. I really hope they do expand on Sculptures again because they just look great. Also since Moose Gooses Statue takes Down Feathers to craft shouldn't Malbatrosses Statue do the same with his feathers.
  3. I assume the one with "generic gems" inside it was a placeholder that accidentally got uploaded
  4. Both items show up as generic backpacks on the map. All other backpacks have a unique icon so it definitely seems unintentional.
  5. It's random how many tree guards spawn. Not always multiple spawn
  6. Hounds are able to spawn off the map/on the water in RoG. Wargs can also make them spawn off the map making a proper Warg farm harder to make.
  7. If a fire hound dies it leaves behind "houndfire". These don't get put out by a Flingomatic which seems unintentional.
  8. Batalisks aren't renewable in Hamlet only worlds. This makes Cowls unrenewable. Cowls can't be repaired by sewing kits and can also not be fueled by glowberries. This could easily be avoided by making Vampire Bats have a chance to drop Bat Wings or by making them refuelable like Moggles.
  9. The Tinkers Tower sells the blueprint for the Dripple Pipes and for Weather Pains but you can't acquire Ox Horns or Volt Goat Horns to craft them. Neither the Magic nor Oddity shop sell Ox Horns or Volt Goat Horns.
  10. Self explanatory. Very annoying when deciding to build something within the set piece that spawns them.
  11. The Aporkalypse is supposed to end after 20 days after it's been disabled manually once. However if does 20 days run out, all the effects of the Aporkalypse will still be present. The regular day cycle and season cycle return, however every night will be a full moon and herald still spawns often. The player can end this pseudo-Aporkalypse by going to the calendar and ending it like it was a normal Aporkalypse. Also just by the way, Heralds music still doesn't correctly play when fighting him.