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  1. You will lose your skin's presets, if that's your question. You will have to redo your skins on all your characters.
  2. Twitch also doesn't tell me when I get the 3rd drop, however when I log in to the game I get it anyway, so I guess this is just a visual bug ?
  3. You're just using it wrong imo, I put one next to my farms, I equip it when I use the farm so I don't bother to sort everything at the moment and have more inventory space, after I'm done using the farm I put my remaining seeds in the fridge, and I put the pack back next to my farms for the next time
  4. that would actually be a nice flair, a fly that became giant because it ate a giant dragonfruit
  5. I mean, even without using woodie's perks, he's very beginner-friendly, your friend will get insulation for winter, he has more chances to spawn treeguard which means help for deerclops and bearger plus the loot, and the infinite axe Next to woodie, I don't think wolfgang is the right call, since beginners's main trouble is handling food, and wendy has true disadvantages when you don't know how to play her (damages reduced and loses sanity when abi die) It is less punitive to not use Woodie effectively, than not using Wendy or Wolfgang effectively Anyway, sorry, all the guides I knew about woodie are outdated, but I can tell you some "ins and outs" myself Unequip your stuff before transforming since they're dropped on the ground (except your backpack) It is more food-efficient to transform when you have as few hunger as possible, since transforming will replace the hunger bar with the weremeter and you will have 0 at the end of your transformation anyway You can anticipate the full-moon random transformation by transforming yourself beforehand The weremoose can kill deerclops with just a campfire and pressing a button (see attachment), don't forget the max melee range to not have -200 sanity in 5 seconds You can also farm spiders and other group of mobs by charging over and over with the weremoose Weregoose can walk on water, you can easily explore and discover the islands without boat, or just use it to explore in general, it's really, really good Moose_op.mp4
  6. I feel like you're strongly underevaluating woodie ? He's like a better wilson, I don't know why it wouldn't be good for a beginner, actually I would advise him over any other character but that's personal opinion His only weekness is you have to "anticipate" your post-transformation hunger, meaning you just have to have food on you Maybe you missed his rework and that's why you still think he's less playable, but that's not the case anymore Attacking with the axe is indeed not really effective, but that's still better than your fists when you don't have a weapon early game Spawning treeguards more easily is an UPSIDE, you can calm them for later if you don't want to fight them when they spawn
  7. I'm not sure about your affirmation, it's so easy to have a huge amount of vegetables even without maintenance now, you just click once, at some point you don't worry anymore about getting food with the new farms and you have less reasons to keep hunting animals I feel like the only people prefering the old farms (other than for aesthetic reasons) are those who don't really know how the new ones work
  8. I made a test and only my cookbook is saved in the cloud, my farm plants and fertilizers are saved locally, do I need to activate an option somewhere ? I see ScottHansen liked your post so I must be missing something or this is a bug thanks, I'll then copy my plantregistry stuff if there is no other choice
  9. Title, and also if it is local only, is there a way to copy it in order to transfer it to another pc ? Thanks
  10. I didn't have any file under Cluster_X folder and subfolders (probably because I don't host any server, I'm mostly talking about client mods), but I had the files in client_save like you said Thanks a lot !
  11. Hello, I will reinstall everything and I'd like to save the settings of my mods somewhere in order to transfer them back later. I tried looking inside C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\mods but I didn't find the settings files. Thanks for helping !