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  1. Version 1.1


    Edgar & Cie for Don't Starve Together. Skins compatible version. • Edgar, the Poet - Start with something to lay Poetry - Have some knowledge - Cannot sleep • Ligeia, the Oblivion Bride - Winter and darkness is my shroud - Lost my appetite for eternity - Femme Fatale • Morgue, Person of the Forest - Very strong but slow - Swift harvester - Friend of nature • Pluto, the Black Catcoon - Can see in darkness - Hate water - Does cat things • The Raven - Unbearable for others - Give something when eating special dishes - Friendly to other birds Edgar was my first MOD, some users asked or suggested obvious things... Instead of a major update on Edgar MOD, it was easier to start to something new. Thanks to users to play, modders for pieces of code and Yanizmad for each character sound et testing. Thanks to Klei for this crazy game. Have fun.
  2. Thanks guys ! Sorry for now all speeches are in french, because it's a character from a french comic book, and the absurd of the dialog are impossible to translate... sorry if it may like a private joke... Have fun
  3. Version V1.0


    Et voici... Le Concombre masqué ! Le cucurbitacé philosophe s'est perdu dans les landes de DST. * Pas très efficace, mais prodigue en cuisine... C'est connu, le légume masqué n'est pas fait pour les basses tâches, comme couper du bois ou autre, toutefois c'est un cordon bleu original et efficace. * Caractère infernal, mais pas cannibal ! Le concombre n'est pas réputé pour être une fleur, cependant ce n'est pas un monstre et ne mangera d'aucune façon ses congénères vétégaux. Sa santé mentale n'est pas son point fort... mais il a rarement faim et peut même se contenter de chair de monstres. * Héritage de Mémé : Pépin à pistons Bien plus qu'un simple parapluie, à vous de découvrir ses autres fonctions! --------------------------------- Behold ... The Masked Cucumber! The philosopher cucurbit got lost in the moors of DST. * Not very efficient but lavish in the kitchen ... It is known, the masked vegetable is not made for low duties as cutting wood or other, however, it is an original and effective 'cordon bleu'. * Infernal character, but not cannibal! The cucumber is not deemed to be a flower, However, this is not a monster nor eat any way plant congeners. His mental health is not his strong point ... but he rarely hungry and can even settle for monster flesh. * Legacy of Granny: PistonBrolly More than just a umbrella, let's discover its other functions! --------------------------------- tribute to Mandryka
  4. Thanks for the interest, but I'm not a dev at all... but hope to find collabs ! Plus, I've only bought DST... I'm working on a new character for now, and it's a real pain to add new components
  5. Version V1.0


    The Tomahawk Man for Don't Starve Together Mod. The gameplay is close to Wickerbottom's, note that's my first skin, I try not to counterbalance the gameplay, which is really good. Futhermore, I'm not found of very powerful character, it faint the interest of Don't Starve. So, if you like the man, I mean Edgar Allan Poe, install it and have fun !