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  1. You're talking about the Victorian skins right? The temporary culinarian skins are just regular characters with chef aprons edit: To clarify the victorian skins are there to stay
  2. Palecwsmalec1

    [Game Update] - 260075

    top 10 bugfixes that went too far
  3. Palecwsmalec1

    [Game Update] - 247542

    when i saw this news 5 minutes ago i fanboyed into another dimension. i want to cry but i promised myself i wouldn't
  4. Palecwsmalec1

    Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    he sure drew it pretty cool nearly 2 years ago
  5. Palecwsmalec1

    Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    notices item OwO what's this steals feathered wreath, proceeds to tank most of the enemies
  6. Palecwsmalec1

    [Game Update] - 243407

    frankly i'm a bit torn on them because on the one hand now i don't have to google every damn command and prefab i want to look for.. but on the other hand the autoselect gets annoying sometimes. still though, typing "no they're not" without giving even a single constructive point is something that really annoys me, personally
  7. Palecwsmalec1

    [Game Update] - 239637

    if we consider Forge to be the smash bros. of don't starve (maybe like a co-op smash run) then wilson would be the most viable. which makes sense for him to be banned.
  8. Palecwsmalec1

    [Game Update] - 239637

    Super Constant, where the rules of the game are all made up by veteran players and/or taken from various suggestion threads on this forum. oh boy
  9. Scourgions are now Scorpeons, i suppose. Also, was Pugna's voice changed for the 4th time now?
  10. The most probable choices are: -Fuelweaver -Charlie (evil?) -Bee Which one would i want? I'm leaning towards Fuelweaver, but then again, Bees. It's hip..
  11. Palecwsmalec1

    Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    :thinking: EDIT: :thonk:
  12. I'm one of those dudes that appreciates Winona too. However, it would be neat if she had some more special perks to do with her tape or more attack power. Her stats could use fine-tuning too, they're far too vanilla
  13. I wanna see Winnie dress up as the Fuelweaver.. rattle my bones
  14. Excuse me sir but i must express my disapproval as this is clearly the superior maymay