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  1. @255 @V2C Great changes. The guide looks great, I like the trick using base64 to generate the configs from the shell. Hope I wasn't too shrill in my gripes about cluster_token.txt in the last update thread. You guys do good work.
  2. @V2C Why?? I understand that the token parser or validation will choke if the file isn't terminated with the exact sequence of NUL,CR,LF, whatever. But why is that? Why don't you do something like this after reading tokens, before validating them? token = string.match(token, '[%a%d%+]') .. \0 There may be slightly more to it than that, but in principle this would allow it to work so long as a valid token is in there, no matter what kind of nul-byte, line endings, whitespace, or other magic unprintable characters are there. It's astonishing to watch people fall on their face over this month after month when a fix seems so trivial!