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  1. i had 8 in my house that caused the crash/freeze. i went back to the save today and it chugs alot when im in my house when in the previous updates, the house was the place where i had the most frames. (makes sense, given that its less of the world to load) maybe there is more entities nearby that i just cant see?
  2. Hamlet ladybug infestation damage

    i believe it takes a long time for the spider monkeys to respawn.
  3. So in another post, i posted some pictures of some pig guards that were outside the border of the ruins, and then outside the border of my house, aggroed onto me. It caused so much lag that my computer couldn't handle it and it froze the game. So, on the second attempt i put myself in god mod and tried to hit them through the wall. couldn't do that, but they could hit me. (I'd like to note that the pig guards killed me twice as i was exiting a doorway in the ruins) So i read in a forum that if i spawn in blow darts i can hit them and kill them, so i tried to spawn 20 in, and attempting to attack them with my blow darts crashed the game. i am reporting the bug right now in game, please read into this because it makes the game near to unplayable when im lagging through the ruins because i have 6 pig guards from another city running at me.
  4. Alright, So i let me just start this off by saying this was all one world, on the newest update, newest version. The pictures aren't in order either but ill explain how Roc is messed up to me. So he spawned on day 19 and i was like, alright, let's just get this over with. he swallowed me, i got two royal scepters, i was happy. that means i don't have to fight the horrible ant queen. So i almost died of hunger but i got out alive, then i went to the palace and on my way found those 2 regular ruins together. now let me tell you that hay season is the worst season in all of don't starve. dry season doesn't compare to this. i was insane all the way until i got the tam from the palace. then on my way home i found the first pig guard in the wall, went home, and found the second. Now, i went outside and roc spawned. AGAIN. and the jungle was far away so i just thought: "well ill go back into my house then" then he started to land. so i heard the landing destroy alot, so i went back outside to see if he was going to eat me, and i was out in the middle of the ocean. i used a speed command to get back onto land, and then while i set my speed back to the regular speed, it crashed the game. I don't have a log but im going to send one when my computer boots up don't starve again. it takes so much cpu and memory to boot don't starve. Please either nerf hay fever or give us some other options to combat it. The gas mask is too weak now, it makes you more insane than sneezing does. so its really a useless item other than to get into the poisonous jungle biomes. I know this sounds like a complaint and i feel bad having to, and i love you developers at klei and i hope you know we are trying to help you out.
  5. Some minor visual bugs

    Here are a few images of some glitches i've found since the new update for Hamlet. So for the first image, the thunderbirds are completely passive when abigail attacks them. After the thunderbirds are killed, the electricity animation does not stop. for the second one, i just noticed in the past updates they had swimming animations and now they don't, they just walk on water. they do jump on lilly pads with the water splashing animation, but when they jump off its the same animation as if they are walking on land. The third isn't so much a bug i don't think, but i think the dev's should see. You guys changed the world generation and doing so might have caused this to happen, since this has never happened in the 20ish worlds i've explored. Hope this is helpful to you dev's out there. Hayley
  6. This happened to me too.
  7. Save corrupted, help!!!

    Always make sure to keep a backup! If your not sure how, go to program files (x86) Then Steam, then userdata, then the next folder, then you want to go into 219740, and porkland is your save. Do this for your new world!
  8. Frame lag in certain areas: water area whenever there is fog Rainforests with lots of flytraps whenever there is a large area with fire big clusters of tall grass areas campfires have a small area in witch you are allowed to cook the game takes a lot of processing power. way more than dst or regular don't starve (shipwrecked takes the least of all) "It's locked" Needs punctuation. my first crash occured when i exited the city hall. the food clerk will randomly run against the wall in a direction, and the desk will disappear. when playing hamlet with wendy, the icon for her flower shows to be in full bloom, but when she places it down, it's only at its 1st or second tier. picking up a light bulb off the cupboard in the slanty shanty causes the game to crash. cooking leafy meat in the house doesn't have a sound when its cooked.
  9. Okay, First i'll start with the feedback. So, at the start when this games title was first released, i was very apprehensive about it, i thought it would be mostly going around and trading, with little to no exploring. and when i joined the closed beta and first played the game, i was floored with how many new things there were, how you guys managed to implement shipwrecked and rog, and how amazing it all looked together. you guys always go above and beyond and it really shows! So, for some reason the main thing that i love the most are the trees. I don't even like pink, but the trees are just, amazing. (also no, i'm not a woodie main) So here is my most important suggestion! please, please give us a new tree monster. i don't care for what tree, but i need it. so badly. the artists in this game always make the tree monsters work, the animation of them coming out of the tree into a mob, the animations of the attacks, its all so perfect. so i need the tree monster for hamlet! please! For real though, let.s get serious now. My wish list includes: The tree guards (obviously) More structure and survival tab items. Id like a turf that you can craft that makes you able to place coconuts and other trees, if you can. if you guys can put fences and gates into this game, it would make everything look so awesome. Id like a boss that comes at the end of either hay fever or humid season, much like deerclops and sealnado. you guys are on the right track. the game developers are obviously trying their best to fix the game and make it playable even though its still in pre release beta, and the artists and animators have absolutely made this all work and come together. if i didn't mention the others that work at klei, you all rock. all of you. I can't wait to see what other things you guys have in store for us for this game.
  10. Alright! i uploaded my files. I hope this helps you guys out! Time to start a new world and get addicted once again.
  11. No its okay, This game is in beta and you developers are working so hard to make this all work for us, and you guys were even nice enough to let us have a go at it even before it was released. Also, for some reason i am not seeing the report bug option. Here's my main menu:
  12. Here's mine, So, Here's how i found this bug. My save was actually corrupted before hand, because i was in offline mode on steam. launching steam in online mode and allowing dont starve to update fixed that, but didn't actually give me my save back. I did, however, have a backup. So i used that and it worked. I played, and saved the game and re backed it up. All was well. I went in and tried to play the game again, and now i get this bug. Id also like to note that i can't actually press okay and show you the log behind it, the game is frozen with this screen. I believe i was back home when i saved and quit. I still have the backup! Any way i can fix this? Bizziboi! your a developer?!??? you were the one to help me with my corrupted save on Reddit! (the one mentioned above) Thank you for helping people. Your such a good person
  13. So this has been a major issue for me for DTS, which i hope is soon fixed. I'm a HUGE fan of don't starve and I have don't starve, don't starve ROG and don't starve shipwrecked, and they work perfectly with little to no lag at all. but on don't starve together when i play the game for more than 5 minutes the intense lag occurs. this involves lag with picking things up, placing things in chests and iceboxes, rubberbanding, and getting hit from enemies from a far distance. I read up on the 2 pinned posts regarding performance and nothing has struck me so far. I play on my friends laptop which is a windows 10 HP laptop, and works amazingly. so why is my computer having such a hard time? I'd really appreciate some help on this. Thank you for viewing!
  14. Potted Fern Glitch

    First of all, this has only occurred once while playing DTS, but I think it may occur with others. Here's my story. So I was in plains in around day 8 of a newly generated world on a dedicated server called "Together We Survive", when i noticed at first a strand of grass with black pixels surrounding it, much like the some of the entities in shipwrecked's earlier versions. around the same sight of view i noticed literally every available space, i could "examine potted fern" and upon doing this, the game's screen turns black. I hope you guys can fix this rare glitch. if i gain evidence that this glitch is indeed real then i will post it immediately. Thank you.