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  1. Got "kicked" out of the world

    If you want a fix in your situation, i would try to re-enter the cave, go into console and type c_speed (40) and run back in, or spawn in a lazy explorer.
  2. "Give BFB a pedicure and see if he drags your body away" This made me lol.
  3. As you can see in the pictures, it's all sorts of weird. When you set the calendar to a certain location and then save and exit the game,when you go back into that save the aporkalypse calendar will go to a certain location. So instead of resetting the dial every 60 days, i have to go back every lush season. I have a couple of mods but they shouldn't interfere with the aporkalypse.
  4. Almost 100% sure thats intended. Aporkalypse is meant to be really hard.
  5. Damn, i think i'm having this issue too.
  6. Unreachable Ruins

    that is really crappy. you could use the lureplant or store glitch to get you out of bounds, but its better to just restart.
  7. Its not a bug but i think it should be reworked to allow the mants to become docile when wearing the mant suit, otherwise there really isn't a point to the mant suit. once they become mant warriors, they stay that way until you kill all of them, then the mant nests will make more regular mants.
  8. 1 to 2 fps because of rabid beetles

    Okay so i did some testing and I'll let you know what i've found out. In any biome except rainforest the fps is generally fine. when i disabled it, i found the fps in other areas (ex: pig town) was a lot better, but the rain forest was actually worse. I didn't even have any rabid beetles near me and i had 2 fps. Normally it only drops around rabid beetles or other large quantities of other mobs like bats or flytraps. I submitted a profile around the area with the low fps without rabid beetles near it. in my save i did have the hud on, i was messing with the settings and it ended up disabling all of the huds (the inventory, the crafting, the day, etc) So i'm going to just disable the minimap hud for now. Thanks for mentioning the minimap hud because now i get around 30-40 fps around any other biome than rain forest if i have the mod disabled, So that's awesome. Thanks for helping me out. I really appreciate it. I also want to note too that its not a gradual decrease in fps, its instant for me. like the moment i step into the rain forest, i immediately go to 2 fps and it does not go up unless i leave the biome.
  9. 1 to 2 fps because of rabid beetles

    Okay, I'm gonna do both right now. I'll let you know if the minimap hud makes a difference.
  10. 1 to 2 fps because of rabid beetles

    I believe this window should work.
  11. 1 to 2 fps because of rabid beetles

    Okay, Everything is set up. Once you load into my save you will see the problem immediately. Thank you for looking into this. A lot of developers would just tell me to get a new computer. (i might have to soon anyways but at least your trying to help)
  12. 1 to 2 fps because of rabid beetles

    Okay, Before i give the error report i'm going to save right as they spawn. Ill specifically say it's for you when i enter the description and i'll put my username and if i can, ill link the forum post too. Thanks for the fast replies! Please let me know how it goes.
  13. 1 to 2 fps because of rabid beetles

    That doesn't ring a bell, but i did mention this issue before (about a month ago) with ruins and i remember you saying you had no issue when you looked at my save, but you wanted to go deeper into it. I assume you guys get my save when you get the error report, and i only have one hamlet save currently. In that save i'm in the ruins (i backed up the save in case i died like this) and if you travel to the other island where the calendar is, right in the biome that has the entrance to the ruins there is a hoard of rabid egg sacs if you look around and they all open immediately.
  14. Now before the rabid beetles were introduced, my game ran fine, and i barely ever got frame lag. But in my 210 day world on hamlet when i go to reset the calendar the rabid beetles always reproduce there, and tons and tons swarm ( see photos) And around then i get 1 to 2 fps because of it. This is the most i've ever died to something that i feel wasn't due to a mistake i made. This happens sometimes with vampire bats, but i never actually dip below 10 frames when they come. I was wondering if there was any help for me. I run any other game fine including dst, shipwrecked, rog and hamlet before i get to late game. it also takes a long time to get into ruins when the beetles are swarming me, and i get attacked several times as the screen fades to black. Not to mention my sanity drain, also shown in the photos. I sent a error report in-game, but i'd like some feedback on the forums because i am still having issues.
  15. So i just had an incident where im having performance issues and i leave my house to beat the vampire bats (they had already spawned) and they were all crowded around the door ( probably why i was only getting 2fps) when the screen transitions and i lose all the durability on my log suit before i can even move, but i didn't take any normal damage. So to put it simply i must ask, what would be the point of implementing a "safeguard" if i lose durability on my armor but not my health? This happens all the time and its aggravating, i'm not sure if its a bug or if its supposed to be like that, but it shouldn't be that way.