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  1. What if we have to make food for the "Gnaw" and feed it so we don't die?
  2. For my Twich shamless plug ~
  3. its webber looking down in to the ruins though one of the Nightmare Fissure the one with the waluigi hat is just random the other one is my own little char called Clay ps this was make like at around the end of 2016 so his art has chaged
  4. Random little things that have nothing to do with anything
  5. wait what I reminber seeing a gif some one made of a pengul holding a pic of the anime girl but it was a new story plz some one tell me about this or link me to the new story
  6. when does the thing happen for them its not on a new moon...
  7. will the DST gift box hold skins from all the events as well or just noevent skins?
  8. Im just going to leave this here ps this is not me
  9. oh now I understand what it meant thx you I thount it meant it can drop from gifts lol
  10. wait what!? but I thount that you only get that from the metheus puzzle!
  11. mably we will get chest skins to be use on iceboxes
  12. This one was a failed art of a ancient skin ps i did not have any way at the time to look up a reference
  13. And now for the rest of the ones I did like 1-2 days ago