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  1. What about destroyed giant beehive! The holes would give me a bit goosebumps Such a honeycomb is right in the ground was so nasty idk
  2. Well I've been playing for the last 4 years, I understand but I'd like to make sure people are satisfied with extinguishing cold things or not. Seems like players simply have never reported it. I thought a few people will agree to change it. Fire pits are okay, but Endothermic things, meh why. "Any kind of fire" - cool, but is this a real reason that makes Flingo to throw snow balls? I expect for some temperature-released mechanism is inside of the machine. What do You think?
  3. The title is written with sarcasm obviously. A problem is not so big but really surprised me. Ice Flingomatic extinguishes Endothermic Fire, Endothermic Fire Pit and Night Light. The poor things cannot burn anything. It was super unexpected personally for me! So I just want to make sure about it is okay or not. Maybe Ice Flingo just hates to see flame-formed things. I don't know. Please let me know.
  4. Haha, this has been bothering me too dude. I used to not be active on the forum. A few days I was really lazy to report it but I realized: if not me then nobody else jk
  5. I fully showed the bug but I am going to explain some things those are going on in the video: 1. I was not using keyboard buttons (such as WASD etc.) to drop items and to walk through the phantom fence. I was using left mouse button to do the things. 2. After the first fence was broken up by a hammer I tried to put a cut stone on the ground but my character bypassed the non-existent more fence instead just go forward to a required place. I did the same thing from the other side of the phantom fence. The character was even just walking bypassing an invisible line. 3. The second fence was built to show that auto walking works actually well but not with a destroyed fence. The problem is solved by disconnecting from a server.