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  1. [FanArt] Day Dreaming

    Ah, okay. Here is icon of backpack, I just change color of it. I like this color more than yellow.
  2. [FanArt] Day Dreaming

    Glad when you know it.
  3. [FanArt] Day Dreaming

    Hello guys, Life just keep me busy. Here's just something new i do when i have a free time. I make a survial outfit of Wes and custome skin of backpack in Don't Starve (not in Don't Starve Together). Nothing to say much.
  4. [FanArt] Day Dreaming

    @minespatch Thanks for your advice. I just change something with lighter of subjects. Seem, it's look better @DragonMage156 Thank you. @Quoth143 How cute. I just make Beefalo little fatter and add some feature I miss before. Hope you like it.
  5. I just practice on Don't Starve style. I love this game so much. In picture, Wilson have a dreaming of day without Beefalo Hat between Beefalo in Mating Season. I think you know how end of story. :3 Enjoy and thank you for watching.